by Professor Zorkophsky, ©2020

(Dec. 10, 2020) — “The Fiery Trepak” (1:27)

The following is the prelude to a work in progress:

“The Revenge of a Patriot on the Deep State”

Reflections of My Life” (4:14)

He was a little clog in a big world. As he skated into manhood, just getting by, never drawing attention to himself, living in the shadows, he passed the test into manhood, having gone and come back from a war where he stepped into the light and stood tall.

And then life got in the way, as they say, as he perspired at work, acquired a nest egg and desired nothing but calmness as he thought of himself as a model citizen by not being late in his debts. He stood honored during the National Anthem while revering Old Glory.

And wasn’t he proud of his new president, who gave meaning to his initiation into manhood, who gave hope that his country will survive for yet another two hundred years, having defeated the foes of larceny and graft, of small- minded little people who have an inflated ego based on nothing but the position to lord over other like-minded fools.

It’s A Beautiful Morning” (2:35)

Professor Zorkophsky

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  1. I turn 70 in a few months and in all my lifetime as an American it never crossed my mind that I would see this country taken over by the Chinese. It has already happened with the assistance of some of our own government officials, both Democrat and complicit Republicans. We are already in a created Civil War that continues to escalate. It is time for a 1776 style Revolution starting yesterday.