December 1, 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Loose talk, and even seditious language and the like, are protected under the First Amendment.  But, when such words and phrases are frequently repeated by the same folks on the Democrat left, over and over, one would think that leaders of that party would speak out. 

Prior to this year’s federal elections, loud voices on the Democrat left took up the slogan, “By any means necessary (BAMN).”  They were never chided, much less called out for such talk, by the Democrat Party leadership.  Think about what BAMN means and what it justifies.  Do those spouting such talk exclude theft, violence, mayhem, murder, rioting, arson, or even destroying our election process and our beloved constitution? 

Last month’s elections were – (I’ll try to be polite here) – ahem, “tainted.”  A lot of mischief occurred in too many places on behalf of one party to be “coincidental.”  The computerized counting and software-produced “results” have anomalies that defy statistical probabilities.  The patterns were repeated over and over – an early return showing President Trump carrying a state by a wide margin suddenly flooded with thousands of mail-in ballots – all voting for his opponent. 

Hmmm.  Nothing to see here, folks?  Could it be that this “anomaly” was just our first taste of BAMN?  One wonders, what is next?  If the BAMN folks don’t like something, what new, devilish tricks can us “regular folks” expect?

One can surmise that the BAMN movers and shakers are to the left of mainstream Democrats.  (Let us hope so.)  But, the absence of rebuke, or public disowning of the BAMN sentiments and actions by leading Democrats, is worse than worrisome. 

By Any Means Necessary is NOT Americanism, and any officeholder who takes an oath to support and defend the constitution is honor bound to tell the BAMN crowd to pipe down and that such slogans are not welcome.  

Old Frank

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