by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2020

(Nov. 7, 2020) — Trump boldly won the presidential election at the end of Election Day, November 3rd.  All additional counting of mystery ballots is illegal and will be proven so.

What are the facts and who is really winning?  According to Judicial Watch, law clearly states that our election is on Nov. 3rd and called ‘Election Day,’ not ‘Election Week.’  We are to count legal ballots the day of the election and not after that, yet that is what we are seeing in all the swing states.  Boxes of late and mystery ballots are flying in and being counted and many Republican poll-watchers are being shut out.  This is followed by cardboard being placed on the windows so no one outside can see in.  We can’t have legal poll-watchers looking at their fake and created ballots to enact their coup.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said that the law says the election counting and verification of ballots must be done by the end of Election Day.  He also said it was clear on Election Day who the presidential winner was.  Donald Trump won, not Joe Biden.  After Democrats saw in the swing states who had rightfully won, mystery mail-in ballots kept arriving and have been illegally counted all week long.

We have heard endless speeches from Joe Biden, DEM leaders and DEM officials in swing states that “we must be patient and let all the ballots be counted.”  Of course, Biden and the Dems want all the ballots counted until Biden wins from a real loss position.  They are illegal ballots that have come in the day after the election.  They must all be tossed and whoever won legally on Election Day is the winner.

Donald Trump won without question on Election Day.  All this endless counting, people looking at the votes going up and down, mostly down for Trump on the Board on FOX and other news shows, is a waste of time.  No one in any swing state, legally, should be counting any additional ballots.  This is an attempted illegal coup and it will not stand.  I believe that the Supreme Court will do the legal and right thing, declare the winner according to law by the legal vote count by the end of Election Day, November 3rd.   This illegal coup attempt will come to a stop soon and Donald Trump will be our elected president for another four years.

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  1. hmmm…. everyone knew trump would be ahead at first because those first votes were in person votes and counted first. most in person voters are repubs. very basic. it is impossible to count 155,000,000 votes in a day. most dems used mail in so they came in later, biden got 7,000,000 more votes and way more electoral votes. why is that so hard for some to understand this? it is not illegal to count votes that came in before or on election day. if it was done by deciding the winner by how many votes were counted on election day each party would fight about which votes get counted first. all the legal votes must be counted, not just trump’s. again, everyone knew trump would be ahead on election day. your suggestion of illegality is key here to your misinterpretation of what happened.
    now trump refusing to concede is causing huge problems. he has tried to poison our democracy with his clumsy, failed coup along with 126 of his sick treasonous backers, traitors all. good riddance to trump and his constant lies.

  2. At this time Trump needs our encouragement and support. Shouldn’t we let
    him know we have his back at this time? I am requesting that we all contact
    Trump and request that he “indeed” does go the the courts for justice. From what I have read and absorbed “lots of funny stuff occurred with the ballets”. Also, let’s contact our elected officials of this matter. Let’s all of us roar on this issue. Together, we just might get justice.