by George Miller, Editor, CitizensJournal, ©2020,

(Nov. 7, 2020) — Is the establishment striking back at President Trump and supporters? Was there massive election fraud?

Yes, the title of this article was borrowed from Star Wars V and seems somehow befitting for current events, although the circumstances differ somewhat. An unlikely, irreverent, combative real estate billionaire takes on the left wing Globalist establishment, otherwise known as the “Deep State” or “The Swamp” to its opponents. In an unlikely victory, he takes over the reins, or at least attempts to, for four years, endeavoring to reverse the worst excesses of Empire, with yuuuge opposition at every step. Another four years is not looking too likely now, although it will be due process all the way. Is he Luke Skywalker? Then who is Darth Vader?

Joe Biden sorely lacks the heft to be Darth Vader. So, the icon of the Empire has instead been a shape-shifting series of nightmare holographs – Hillary Clinton, morphing into Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, James Comey, George Soros, anonymous black clad mace-wielding ANTIFA creatures, resentful Barack Obama in his DC Bunker, the comical bartender AOC, then finally the unlikely visage of basement-dwelling, black-masked, child-sniffing, Globalist-Fascist-enabling, influence-peddling corrupt mediocrity Joe Biden, to the tune of “Hail to the Chief?” This is their best? Baaad trip, duuuude.


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