by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 5, 2020) — Since Tuesday night, Fox News has made several notable errors in reporting election results which the channel failed to fully clarify, even while reporting contradictory information.

On Tuesday night, the Fox News “Decision Desk” predicted that Democrats would keep the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and gain as many as five seats. While the former proved correct, as of Wednesday night, the channel reported that Republicans had gained five seats in the House without explaining the original projection.

On Thursday morning, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said on “Fox & Friends” that the GOP House gain could be as many as ten seats.

At approximately 7:30 AM Thursday, a Fox News reporter stationed in Philadelphia, where the Trump campaign is challenging the counting of ballots apparently received after Election Day, acknowledged the campaign’s legal challenge but claimed it presented “no evidence” of wrongdoing.

Moments later, former Florida Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi appeared on “Fox & Friends” and immediately issued a “correction” to the reporter’s claim, citing a poll observer who, during Rudy Giuliani’s Wednesday press conference announcing the legal action, said he and other GOP observers were barred from overseeing the ballot-counting after wooden barricades were erected in addition to their being relegated to a 100-foot distance of those counting the ballots.

When Bondi raised the specter of possible fraudulent ballots, co-host Steve Doocy interrupted with, “Are you saying ‘fake ballots?'” to which Bondi responded that it was possible fraudulent ballots had been added to the mix of those which appear to have arrived after Election Day.

On Wednesday night’s “Hannity,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called out Fox News for projecting Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden to have won the state of Arizona when a substantial number of ballots remained outstanding. As The Post & Email reported earlier Wednesday, according to Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs that morning, approximately 250,000 ballots had not yet been counted in Maricopa County. By Wednesday night, Hannity reported that number to have been “600,000” and later, reduced to approximately 400,000 votes in which Trump had apparently taken a majority in a counting of an initial batch.

A second batch of timely-submitted votes was to be delivered for counting at approximately midnight ET, Hannity reported.

On Wednesday afternoon, Fox appeared to respond to growing criticism of its Arizona determination by interviewing the election analyst who reportedly made the decision to make it. The analyst cited “The Arizona Republic” as one of his sources and said he and his team used “projections” based on other recent Maricopa County races to determine the outcome.

DeSantis called upon Fox to rescind its call on Arizona and faulted the channel for having made some precipitate determinations, in his view.

Similarly, on Thursday morning former White House Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway faulted Fox for having been one of a very few media outlets calling Arizona for Biden, to which the three co-hosts offered no response. She later faulted what she perceives as a “rush” on the part of the media and pundits to finish the 2020 election process without due diligence to ensuring accuracy.

A former Republican pollster, Conway excoriated pollsters who, in both 2016 and 2020, issued predictions which proved highly inaccurate. She said many pollsters employed by the mainstream media issue reports based on their employers’ wishes.

The “Blue Wave” which many pundits promoted did not take place, Conway pointed out.

At 8:14 a.m., F&F co-host Brian Kilmeade announced that Five Thirty-Eight pollster Nate Silver issued a statement to the effect that “Arizona should be taken down” from the “decided” column.

Nevertheless, “We stand by the Arizona decision,” Kilmeade stated, citing the “Fox News Decision Desk.”

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  1. I think that this is the last nail on the coffin that is FOX NEWS.

    It is “The End”.

    Curtain lowers and the auditorium empty’s.

    The last person to leave is asked to ‘Turn off the lights”.

    The lights have been turned O-F-F.