by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 4, 2020) An interview posted late Wednesday morning between Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and radio host Mike Broomhead revealed that Maricopa County continues to tabulate votes following Tuesday’s elections which likely total approximately 250,000.

However, on Tuesday night, the AP and Fox News called the state for Democrat Joe Biden.

As of late Tuesday night, CBS News projected that Arizona was “leaning toward Biden,” but by mid-Wednesday afternoon, the outlet reported that the race was not yet undecided.

Reports of voting irregularities and what could be a major tabulation error have also been reported.

Oddly, at approximately midday on the East Coast, Fox News read a statement from Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien stating his confidence that when all the votes were counted, Trump would win the state’s 11 electoral votes while acknowledging its own designating of the race to Biden Tuesday night but offering no explanation for the ongoing counting.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Biden holds the lead nationally in the Electoral College over Donald Trump.

Approximately an hour prior to press time, The Post & Email contacted Hobbs’s office to inquire if races for either the U.S. Senate or the president had been officially called and whether or not Maricopa County continues to process ballots. Based on Hobbs’s interview with Broomhead, her office will receive an update from Maricopa County elections officials Wednesday evening.

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