by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2020

(Nov. 3, 2020) — Voting Democrat is to vote for their platform of murdering innocent babies in the womb up to 9 months.  It is standing with the anti-God and anti-Bible position of marriage being between a man and a man or a woman and a woman.  It is simply a platform of control, socialism/communism, self-worship, and attacking the people and things of God as portrayed in the Holy Bible.

Democrats still believe in slavery and ownership of minorities, blacks, Hispanics and whoever they can convince is stuck and needy of handouts, when in truth, these unaffordable, lying handouts are really a way to control them like voting cattle they can point and click to their agenda.  They are viewed as slaves again, nothing but a voting bloc to be manipulated and kept down.  That is un-American, ungodly and a vivid lie.

Black people have been fooled to believe, though mostly conservative in their lifestyle and beliefs, that politics are different.  They are in the Democrat family and not to think, just vote the party line.  In truth, they are voting against morals, the Holy Bible and freedom. Instead they are voting for continued, self-imposed slavery.

Donald Trump has become the true freedom warrior, believer in all Americans, and man of God.  He is hated because he truly has given his heart to Jesus and is a praying President and is not for sale for the usual political and power controllers on all sides of him.  How dare he listen to God and the American people instead of those with power and money.

This election day is a huge battle between good and evil, not Republican or Democrat.  It is Biden, Kamala and the DEMOCRATS who side with all kinds of murdering abortions, gay marriage, high taxation, assaults on religious speech and belief in the true God of the Holy Bible.  It is Donald Trump and the Republicans who stand for all life – young and old, anti-abortion, marriage between a man and a woman as God has said directly, freedom of religion and freedom of speech. 

I don’t believe, knowing the real platforms of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, that any believer can vote for Biden unless they deny what God and the Holy Bible actually says. Forget the evil soundbyte of “pro-choice”; it is the bloody, gruesome murder of a young person who has the Constitutional and Biblical right to life.  The Democrats play “pretend” with supporting and encouraging the murder of millions of innocent young people who cannot defend their rights in court.  That is what you call murder, sin and evil.  No one calling themselves Christian in anyway should ever vote for them.

I strongly believe that Donald Trump will win as the anointed man of God he is and lover of America and her people.  Be part of that miracle and vote for him.

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