November 3, 2020

Dear Editor,

Before the “against everybody and everything Establishment/everyday Aussie” protestors go ape at the tragic Melbourne Cup 2020 death of racehorse Anthony Van Dyck, let’s just consider the so-noble contributions of  the animal’s (suffering only a very short time before being humanely put down) so wonderful life:

He was loved by his owners, breeders, handlers, jockeys and the general public (as he loved them);

He was part of an industry providing great employment and wealth-creation (no evil in that!) spread across related businesses, small and large;

He was a stallion, and may have already sown his noble seed, ensuring continuity of his species;

He brought different cultures together and ensured international connections/co-operation/awareness;

And finally, the magnificent Anthony Van Dyck lived a cossetted and protected life (not like so many other tamed or wild animals!) that existed only because of the industry and mutual love of…horse racing!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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