by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 29, 2020) — A hearing will take place at noon EDT at the Mecklenburg County, VA Circuit Court in a case filed by political action committee “Rural & Red” against Virginia Board of Elections Commissioner Robert H. Brink regarding whether or not due diligence was employed in vetting Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s constitutional eligibility for the office she seeks.

The hearing was originally scheduled for October 15 but postponed for two weeks at the request of the plaintiff, whose president, Harold Gielow, is arguing the case pro se.

The case asks Brink to detail any effort he or the agency undertook to establish whether or not Harris is a “natural born Citizen” as required for the presidency in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.  While that requirement is stated for the president only, the 12th Amendment, ratified in 1804, mandates that any vice-presidential candidate must meet all of the requirements for the presidency.

Harris was born in Oakland, CA on October 20, 1964 to parents who were not U.S. citizens, “immigrants” in a legal sense or permanent residents.  Her mother, who passed away in 2009, was present in the U.S. on a student visa which was extended a number of times, according to images which appear to represent genuine U.S. documents released by @KamalaKancel on Twitter over the last six weeks.

While parental citizenship was historically a factor in a child’s citizenship, over the years, the “natural born Citizen” invocation has come to mean to many Americans simply “born in the United States.”

In April 1965, Shyamala Gopalan’s status remained that of “nonimmigrant,” according to images posted by @KamalaKancel.  Harris’s father, Donald J. Harris, hailed from Jamaica and was also attending UC Berkeley on a student visa in 1962 when he met Gopalan at an activist event at which he was speaking.

From one of the documents, it appears that in February 1968, well after the birth of the couple’s second child, Gopalan Harris’s presence in the country may have been in jeopardy.

Although his Stanford University emeritus biography states that he eventually naturalized as a U.S. citizen, Donald Harris could not have obtained that status at the time his eldest daughter Kamala was born, as he would not have resided in the United States the requisite five years in order to make application. Additionally, in early 1967 Donald Harris reportedly applied for “permanent resident” status, according to a letter written by Kamala’s mother to the INS in which she requested a change in her visa status.

In his complaint, Gielow cited Virginia law § 24.2-103 detailing the responsibilities of the Virginia State Board of Elections. “The State Board, through the Department of Elections, shall supervise and coordinate the work of the county and city electoral boards and of the registrars to obtain uniformity in their practices and proceedings and legality and purity in all elections. Its supervision shall ensure that major risks to election integrity are (i) identified and assessed and (ii) addressed as necessary to promote election uniformity, legality, and purity. It shall make rules and regulations and issue instructions and provide information consistent with the election laws to the electoral boards and registrars to promote the proper administration of election laws,” the statute begins.

Gielow’s latest filing submitted Wednesday responds to Brink’s claim that “there is no requirement under Title 24.2 of the Virginia Code that requires, or even permits, the Defendants to inspect whether an individual is a ‘natural born citizen’ with, “Yet that is an eligibility requirement under Federal law.”

“While it may be true that the definition of that eligibility requirement may be lost to time, the requirement remains, mandating that we seek its meaning. Plaintiff called the Virginia Board of Elections prior to filing this complaint and asked if an assessment had been done on Mrs. Harris’ eligibility as a natural born citizen. The response was, she was born in Oakland, California. She’s a natural born citizen. The response belies the depth of assessment that the Virginia Board of Elections made on this issue of national import,” Gielow continued.

“Plaintiff seeks a declaratory judgment as to defendant Brink’s failure to uphold Virginia’s election law,” he wrote on page 4 of the brief.

“As to precedent setting, Plaintiff maintains that, had the Defendant fulfilled his obligations under the law, then we would not be at this juncture where the ‘final repository,’ the people, are forced to defend the Constitution and the rule of law,” Gielow told The Post & Email in a statement Wednesday evening.



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  1. We live in post US Constitution era and welcome to Banana Republic of America! Supreme Court of Kangaroos Compromised by the Left, can we ever trust the high court again?

  2. If an American soldier and American wife, have a Baby while deployed in Japan, the Baby is NOT a Japanese Citizen. The Baby is an American Naturalized Citizen, and has an American Birth Certificate. The Parents were not Naturalized Citizens of Japan.
    If a German Father and Mother, have a baby at sea, in the middle of an Ocean, on a Chinese Ship, the Baby will be a German Naturalized Citizen.

    1. Deborah, Apples and Oranges. A naturalized American is NOT eligible to be VP or President.

      One MUST be a Natural Born Citizen of the US to be VP and/or President. An NBC IS one born IN the USA to parents who are BOTH US Citizens themselves. PERIOD! NO exceptions! You are either an NBC or you are NOT. There are no gradient status Natural Born Citizens.

      John McCain, for example, had two US Parents but was not born IN the USA.

  3. Obama II and Kamala, Too are unindicted fugitive attorney-criminals; living foreign-citizenship nbC-frauds.

    While the Founding Fathers may be criticized today for not defining “liberty” and “property” and “pursuit of happiness” et al, which are very general terms subject to lawful individual interpretations over the years, John Jay’s un-amended “natural born Citizen” (nbC) is as discrete in 1787 as it is TODAY.

    It had to be discrete and understood, since it applied to the highest office in the land with any duly elected President-human being in charge of every facet of citizens’ lives and its military.

    I read that some 50% of the discussions April- September 1787 were devoted, and recorded during the Constitutional Convention, DEALING WITH JUST EXACTLY WHO AND WHAT A “PRESIDENT” CAN BE: NO FOREIGN CITIZENSHIPS ALLOWED!

    What did John Jay mean; how was his invention, nbC, interpreted from the beginning? Were US citizens living in 1787 to 1860, for example, confused and divided on what nbC actually meant? Did they bicker and demand foreigners from Canada can be “President” in 1787, and Vice-president in 1804? DID THEY ACCEPT ANY “natural born Citizen” less than my own “natural born Citizen”-self, with my parents also being US-citizens at time of birth? Would any electorate accept anything less than my own “natural born Citizen” condition to be “US President”?

    Apparently not:

    So, today’s “unsettled confusion” on what nbC actually means is not “confusion” at all, rather, it is “a narrative corruption” from DCeit Theft Left attorney-criminals and corrupt polluticians like Pelosi, beginning in earnest on 08-28-08 with Nancy Pelosi doing a willful power grab for the “DNC’s nbC”, Obama II.

  4. The court dismissed the case because Mr. Gielow is not a licensed attorney, as required by Virginia law, as claimed in the defendant’s brief.

    1. Yes, dismissed today at 10:00

      The pleadings/order pages shows this;

      10/30/20 Brief CLW DEFENDANT’S
      10/30/20 Continuance Order CLW
      10/30/20 Exhibits CLW BYLAWS OF RURAL & RED PAC

      Apparently the defendant filed a reply to Gielow’s response.

  5. I agree Nikita’s UN Shoe, Babies born to two U.S. Citizens in the US, by C-Section and those who were in the breech position are NBCs

    1. You wish. Obama is a fraud,usurper,traitor and spy under U.S. law by virtue of the fact that he usurped the Presidency by fraud during time of war.

  6. So does “natural born” preclude a C-section birth? C’mon folks, Liberals love to change definitions of words; “progressive” for example refers to anything but REGRESSIVE.

    1. Believe-it-or-not, Caesarean section babies really are natural born Citizens, as long as the newborn meets the requirements of being born (“Hello world.”) in any of the 50 states + Washington D.C. and the baby’s parents are both U.S. citizens.

      Now, let’s see if someone raises the issue about whether a breech-born baby is a natural born Citizen when that baby is born in the 50 states + Washington D.C. to parents who are both U.S. citizens.