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by Sharon Rondeau

Photo credit: Jacqueline Zaccor, CC by SA 2.0

(Oct. 11, 2020) — During an interview with President Donald Trump on her “Sunday Morning Futures” show, host Maria Bartiromo attempted to defend colleague Chris Wallace’s moderation of the first presidential debate on September 29 after Trump expressed criticism of it.

“Chris Wallace tried to do a good job,” Bartiromo said in response to Trump’s opinion that Wallace moved to provide Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden with cover during questioning.  At the same time, Trump praised Wallace’s father, the late veteran journalist Mike Wallace, saying that he “knew” him.

Bartiromo’s defense of Wallace was not as adamant as was “Fox & Friends'” Ainsley Earhardt’s on Thursday, who retorted to Sen. Ted Cruz’s criticism of Wallace that Wallace “did a fine job” moderating and “We love him.”

Trump’s interview with Bartiromo laid out his second-term policy agenda, which he said includes “a middle-income tax cut” and the contrast he sees with opponents Joe Biden and vice-presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris.

Other topics discussed were voter fraud and mail-in voting; energy; manufacturing; social-media companies’ alleged censorship of certain political voices; and the Russia “collusion” hoax which newly-released documents appear to show began with 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, among other topics.

“They’re trying to steal the election,” Trump said of malfeasance and ballot issues reported during voting already under way, although he said that “law enforcement” is observing election activity carefully.  He noted that his administration is “winning” in a series of court battles concerning several of the states’ new policies on mail-in voting.

Trump has recently declassified “all” documents associated with the apparent plan by certain sectors of the U.S. intelligence community, Clinton and other figures to scuttle his candidacy and later, presidency.

Separately, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said the State Department has possession of Clinton’s missing emails said to have been destroyed after it was revealed that Clinton used a private email server while she led the State Department under Barack Obama.

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  1. Fox is beginning to sound like CNN. I find myself losing respect for a lot of their people; shows they’re only interested in what they think will further their career instead of the real raw truth. Like him or not…at least President doesn’t varnish what he says,