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by Sharon Rondeau

Shutterbug75, Pixabay, License

(Oct. 9, 2020) — On Friday morning, The Post & Email sent the following to the Fox News Channel using its “Submit a request” form:

On Thursday’s edition of “Fox & Friends,” cohost Ainsley Earhardt was wrong to retort to guest Ted Cruz that her colleague, Chris Wallace, did a “fine job” moderating the presidential debate on September 29. While journalists should ask tough questions of guests on policy positions and refrain from taking a position, it is completely inappropriate for any journalist to defend the work of a colleague when a guest is criticizing it unless that guest is putting forth erroneous information. Cruz was simply voicing his opinion that Wallace “did a terrible job,” a sentiment shared by many, and it was not Earhardt’s place to contradict him and blindly defend Wallace because he is a coworker. She even appeared to be lecturing Cruz when she concluded the interview with, “…he’s part of our family, Ted Cruz. I just wanted to clarify that, ’cause we love him.”

It may be that someone was speaking in Earhardt’s ear to utter those words, which would render her outlandish response to Cruz’s remarks even more journalistically egregious.

Your programming overall has allowed anchors to become too opinionated and drift away from a journalism model to one of punditry and cheerleading. For example, after the aforesaid debate, cohost Brian Kilmeade opined that Donald Trump needed to clarify his position on “white supremacy” when he has done so many times in the past, including to Wallace during a 2016 presidential debate, It is not Kilmeade’s role to call for any elected official to say or do anything. A journalist is expected to be neutral and to let politicians take care of themselves. Otherwise, their comments become advocacy, which is exactly what has happened at MSNBC and CNN over the years. As a result of Earhardt’s disrespectful response to Cruz, it is obvious that emotion now prevails over professionalism at Fox News.

Your hiring of Donna Brazile, an admitted prevaricator fired from CNN for her dishonesty in 2016; your continuing provision of airtime to Juan Williams, who over the past few years has become increasingly detached from reality and bitter; and the way in which Newt Gingrich was treated by Melissa Francis and Marie Harf several weeks ago are inexcusable.and telltale signs of the direction in which your “News” organization is headed.

A YouTube video of Thursday’s segment is here.

Several minutes after sending the email, we received an acknowledgement of it:

Hi Sharon Rondeau,
We’ve sent your message to fox__friends.

Please note, each show receives a lot of feedback so they may not be able to reply to you directly.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Fox News Digital team

Our reference to the interview with Gingrich involved former Obama State Department official and Fox News “Outnumbered” cohost Harf, Francis, and, in an awkward attempt to referee the on-air debacle, Fox’s Harris Faulkner.


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  1. I’m breaking up with her. She is having an affair with Soros, a real “gold digger”. Where does that leave Tucker, Hannity and Ingraham? Can we not start up a new Network for conservative, God-fearing Americans?

  2. I call it “Foxy Fake News. Ever since Hannity snapped on a caller calling in and questioning the status of Fake Usurper Barry I then knew they had been a “sell out”.
    After that, I STOPPED VIEWING ALL FOX NEWS. Hannity and fox sold their soul
    to the Devil.

  3. and why is that ? perhaps with a clue i can change too bad so sad. I still will not be watching when those folks on. There are other choices..

  4. A couple of changes are in order and i am SURE i am not the only EX fewer, Chris Wallace !! He is full of himself and has gone over my years from Good to turn of the channel . Please change it up!

  5. Fox News needs to dump Donna Brazile, Juan Williams, and Geraldo Rivera. Donna is a well-known liar and criminal so why reward her bad behavior by giving her a job and paying her? Juan Williams is a stooge for the left and his grimaces and twitching face every time The Five rebut his foolish statements are completely unbelievable. Geraldo is not much better. I automatically change the channel any time one of these three begin to speak. DUMP THEM!

  6. OANN is a much better alternative, by far. No more having to stomach the delusional and disgraceful biases of left wing “contributors” who compel anyone with a brain and modicum of fairness to change the channel OFTEN

  7. Happened: past tense; yesterday’s news (if it ever was); skewed beyond recognition; handing-out over-inflated paychecks to those who, well, we understand but they don’t (face it, some people will do anything for money).

    Haven’t watched FOX for a long time, ever since NEWSMAX and America’s Voice emerged.

    Got sick and tired of “Democratic Strategists” and Juan Williams touting the Marxist daily propaganda, among others, who incessantly regurgitate what the latest poll results are. Let’s not fail to mention Bill O’Reilly spouting about “the moderate Muslim” EVERY NIGHT!

    I didn’t buy it then and not buying it now. I don’t want to hear the lies so I don’t. Actually, I programed my remote to skip FOX completely and, since then, life has been a little bit more serene, peaceful and joyful.

    Peace be unto each of you.


    Rook Dunkin

  8. As an addendum, whatever Fox News is paying Juan Williams is too much. His constant negative demeanor and dull comments are simply too boring to watch. I immediately turn-off this so-called commentator. Surely, Fox can find someone else to present a minority viewpoint. Enough of ‘Juan’ Williams!

  9. We, our household of 4 adults, are looking for a new 24 hour network to watch which represents our conservative values. As soon as one emerges, we will NOT watch Fox News any more.

  10. I agree totally about Donna Brazile. She has no credibility and provided answers to Hillary before the debate, which is not ethical, to say the least. Whatever Fox is paying her, is far too much for the poor level she represents. It is unfortunate that Fox News seems to be slowly ‘flushing’ itself down the leftist toilet.

  11. What is happening to Fox News?
    The quick answer…
    Rupert Murdoch is no longer in control and his family that assumed control wants to take and make Fox News more into the “Mainstream” media.
    These “children” are leftists and this shift to the left has been gradual over the last few years since Murdoch “retired.”