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by Clant M. Seay, blogging at BillyGoBoy, ©2020

Photo: BillyGoBoy 

(Sep. 30, 2020) — TWHNC – SHELBYVILLE, TN  (c) –  Never have the above words of native Tennessean MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University)  Horse Science Professor Equine Vet Dr. John Haffner rang more true than when eight year old Spring Fun Show Champion “Jose’ Cold Chills”  suffered a crippling injury to his back right leg during the World Grand Championship class at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration,  leaving him barely able to walk from the show ring, and most likely ended his show career.

“Jose’ Cold Chills” Agonizingly Walks From Show Ring At TWH Celebration – Sep. 5, 2020

“BIG LICK” WGC Contender “Jose’ Cold Chills” Suffers Crippling Injury – Sep. 5, 2020

The World Grand Championship class was the finale of the 11 day 82nd Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration held in Shelbyville, TN from August 26, 2020 to September 5, 2020.     Dr. Haffner has describes the “Big Lick” as a “pain induced gait” – not possible without “SORING”.

Here is what happened in the Stake Class.   After the horses finish exhibiting,  veteran Trainer BOYZ Mr. Jimmy McConnell appears oblivious when “Jose’ Cold Chills”,  who is  obviously in excruciating pain,  can barely stand on his feet in the line up while awaiting the judges final decisions in tying the class.

A Celebration ring official is then seen approaching Mr. McConnell in the lineup twice – once before the lights were dimmed – and another after the lights were dimmed to announce the winner.  The second time, Mr. McConnell was apparently instructed to dismount from the horse,  which he did.

The winner is announced, and then before the rest of the  class results were announced,  the injured “Jose’ Cold Chills” was removed from the line up,  and taken to a position next to the center ring gazebo which is out of the view for most of the spectators.

“Jose’ Cold Chills” then remained surrounded by Mr. McConnell’s barn help, until Mr. McConnell was able to collect the Fourth place ribbon, and then the horse limped from the show ring, barely able to put any weight on his right back foot, with Mr. McConnell walking in front of the horse.

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  1. Apparently the bill was passed an has been unable to get through the senate, so, it’s still very much practised, as was evidenced in these barbaric videos. This is the most barbaric animal cruelty on display. To music, in front of a big crowd cheering and clapping. It confounds me that this can be supported in any shape or form.