by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 27, 2020) — At approximately 9:35 AM EDT on Sunday, President Donald Trump tweeted that he will “strongly demand” that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden undergo a “drug test” “prior to, or after, the debate on Tuesday night.”

September 29 is the first of three scheduled debates between the incumbent and his Democratic challenger, who many believe is suffering from “cognitive decline” or “dementia” given that he often appears to have trouble finishing sentences or expressing his thoughts clearly.

Approximately two weeks ago, a Biden campaign spokesman declined to say whether or not Biden relies on a teleprompter to answer questions.

Naturally, I will agree to take one also,” Trump continued his tweet. “His Debate performances have been record setting UNEVEN, to put it mildly. Only drugs could have caused this discrepancy???”

Trump has previously opined that at times during the Democratic primary debates, Biden performed poorly, while at others, he appeared much more astute.  As a result, Trump told Fox News’s Judge Jeanine Pirro, he suspected Biden is taking “drugs.”

Although Trump did not cite any sources, he said “That’s what I hear” regarding the possibility that Biden is taking something to improve his cognitive abilities.



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  1. My opinion from years of observation and evidence:
    In 2016 I wrote a a few articles which were published here, one of them was about the lack of background investigations for many jobs which most Americans likely believe would certainly require an FBI background check. The article is still available and here is the link:

    Also, Obama signed a last minute Executive Order in January of 2017 to replace E.O. 13467 …..I’m sure the many changes were NOT because Obama wanted to make everything easier and/or better for President Donald Trump………….

    Here is a link to Obama’s actual last minute E.O. on this subject:

    If you take a quick look at it remember this E.O. was done just prior to Obama leaving office. I don’t know if President Trump eventually changed or replaced Obama’s E.O., but it seems it was written to make Trump and his administrations job more difficult…..and also to hide E.O 13467….. which putative president Obama was the only president to actually use…….

    When George W. Bush signed E.O. 13467 in June of 2008 it was mandated by Congress, Pelosi and Reid, to be implemented starting in January of 2009….just in time for Barry….
    Obviously, there were years of preparation before Obama was installed as America’s putative president when he was sworn-in back in 2009. The preparation paid off and the Soros’ financed puppet weakened America in every way possible, just as was intended. It was Hillary, the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover who failed when she lost to the “birther” Donald Trump, and that ignited the still on-going big-time panic to remove President Trump from office. I know it may seem that even President Trump is not going to use his trump card…….but the many complicit in 2009 of effectively giving America’s government and and her military to the enemy, and its now panicked cover-up do not know for sure…and neither do I. IMO that’s why they continue to panic and I continue to hope that President Trump will fully release and act on the truth about Barry……….but at this late date that hope is not easy to maintain…………….

  2. In the Marines indeed we had room checks and shake – downs, background checks and testing for drugs. Odd isn’t it that the so called “”upper class”, elected officials, and V.I.P.s aren’t subjected to the same standards. My personal saying is high rank had it
    perks. Indeed, perhaps we should vet our public officials the same way. Wouldn’t this
    be one way to drain the swamp?

  3. Drug test?!

    Currently, drug screening and background checks conducted in the USA are inversely proportional to the level of authority.

    We The People should demand that every person wishing to be employed under Articles I and II of the US Constitution should take a pre-screening drug test, as-well-as undergo a lifetime background check in accordance with Standard Form (SF) 86 before being allowed on any ballot or before being nominated by the POTUS for an Article III job. Additionally, random unannounced drug testing during a term of office should be done by an independent organization that is free from political influence.

    If current questions found in SF 86 do not focus on a lifetime background check, then this form should be modified accordingly.

    Currently, military and civilian personnel employed under military government contracts require similar screening as suggested above, especially for classified work.

    Double standards in-play, again.

    The voting booth for Article I and II jobs and circus-atmosphere Senate hearings for Article III jobs are no substitute for SF 86 screening of candidates for constitutional jobs.