by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

(Sep. 22, 2020) — The Republican National Committee (“RNC”) has produced an ad which will drive the leaders of the Party of the Democrats (“POTD”) apoplectic.  Cool.  It could not happen to a more deserving collection of hypocritical politicians.  Although the ad is still up on YouTube, embedded here, it has already been scrubbed from Bing/Microsoft News.  Go download it now.

The ad showcases numerous clips from 2016 featuring the “Usual Suspects” – including Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and Elizabeth Warren, among others – engaging in sanctimonious monologues over whether Senate Majority Leader McConnell should move forward to hearings on the nomination by President Obama, the Second Usurper in Chief (“SUC”), of Judge Merrick Garland.  Judge Garland, you will recall, was nominated by the SUC to fill the vacancy created by the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

In the ad, the Usual Suspects were passionately arguing in 2016 that, despite the fact that (a) the SUC was a Democrat and (b) the Senate was controlled by the Republicans, to “hold up” immediately filling the Supreme Court vacancy was an outrage…, close to a crime against humanity.  And while the ad judiciously omits from its cast of characters the recently-departed Justice Ginsburg, back in 2016, she was on record as saying essentially the same thing.

Fast forward to 2020: my, how the times – and tunes – have changed.  With the exception of Justice Ginsburg – now reminiscing with Antonin Scalia in that Great Courthouse in the Sky – every one of the Usual Suspects has done a clumsy, 180° pirouette (also known as a total U-turn) on moving forward to fill a Supreme Court vacancy.  Do you not love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning?

Ummm…, no…, actually, that was a rhetorical question.  The hypocrisy of the Democrat leaders is more like the stench of napalm in the morning.  Acrid.  Greasy.  Disgusting.  Truth be known, the only principle to which these folks consistently adhere is expediency.  Not a great recipe for leading a constitutional republic such as ours.  Go watch the ad and share it with friends.  Heck, share it with your enemies, too, and ask them why they continue to vote for Democrats.

Capping the appeal of the RNC ad, its subtle irony lies in the title of the background song that plays throughout the video behind the hectoring of Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, et al.  That song playing in the background (one can ask Siri to identify it as it plays) is: “Days Pass,” by Adrián Berenguer.  The song captures – subtly but unmistakably – the hypocritical evolution of the Democrat leaders’ double standards… as the “days pass.”

Finally, today we learn that Herr Schumer, in a fit of adolescent anger intended to forestall any action in the Senate to move forward with a nomination which is expected soon from President Trump, blocked a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing where matters of national security were to be addressed.

Stated otherwise, the kindergartner now leading Senate Democrats seems intent upon blocking the President’s constitutional duties regarding filling Supreme Court vacancies at the expense of addressing matters of national security.  Pathetic.  And they accuse President Trump of colluding with our enemies.  Seriously?

These Democrats – including Joe (“can-you-raise-the-teleprompter-a-little?”) Biden and Kamala (12th- Amendment,-What’s-That?”) Harris – have no lucid response to the ad other than the juvenile explanation: “That was then and now is now.”  Is that the species of leaders needed by this nation for the next four years?  Your humble servant respectfully suggests that the answer is an unqualified and emphatic “no.”

I channeled the Founders last night and they all agree: vote very carefully in November.

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