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by Bob Russell, ©2020

Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton at Donald Trump’s inauguration, January 20, 2017 (public domain)

(Sep. 22, 2020) — At the Nuremburg war crimes trial, when asked how the Nazis were able to get people to do evil, Adolph Eichmann, Hitler’s chief architect of the Holocaust, stated that they simply lied to the people until they believed the lies.  Today the political ruling class lies to We the People, using their media propagandists to spread the lies daily to convince people the lies are actually the truth.  The hypnotic effect of constant lies, each particular group being told what they want to hear, is used to inflame those easily hypnotized into doing evil works that even go against their own best interests.

The democrats and their ultra-left media allies daily claim that America is a racist nation when that is not only inaccurate but also a blatant lie from hell.  Yes, there is racism, but it isn’t the entire nation nor is it confined to a particular genetic group.  People are inundated with the lie that police hunt down and murder blacks because of the color of their skin, a LIE.  The lying media, including the leftists who control social media, hypnotize people into believing that everyone who has light skin hates those with dark skin and seek to kill or subjugate them when the truth is that the political ruling class and their propagandists use lies to separate us and keep us at each other’s throats so they can subjugate all of us.  While it is true that the Nazis hated the Jews and hypnotized others into joining in the persecution of Jews, it is also true that the Nazis murdered Christians, Slavs, Gypsies, and even many of Hitler’s own followers who he, in his paranoia and hatred, also murdered.

Today the democrat party and the gop establishment are lying to We the People in order to subjugate us.  They hate Donald Trump because he isn’t one of them.  President Trump is a man who loves America, is grateful for what the American system has allowed him to attain, and believes in the American dream for all people.  The deep state, the political ruling class and their allies in the media and “entertainment” and the wealthy elite seek to destroy the opportunities afforded We the People by the Constitution.  Politicians and their billionaire owners like Nazi war criminal george soros, bill gates, michael bloomberg, bill deblasio, mark cuban, mark zuckerberg, and others seek to control all citizens and subjugate us to slavery and/or ultimate execution or working us to death in the FEMA concentration camps built, staffed, and supplied by the globalist george w. bush and his friends.

Billionaire bill gates wants the coronavirus vaccine to be made mandatory “for our protection,” but the truth is that he stands to make billions or trillions of dollars from the vaccine he is heavily invested in creating, a vaccine that isn’t any more necessary than most of the pharmaceuticals on the market today.  My wife has to visit the doctor every month to continue the pain medicine she needs to combat the debilitating effects of the fibromyalgia and sciatica she suffers from because the State of Oklahoma passed a law to deal with the pain-killer ingredient fentanyl because it is causing so many overdose deaths.  What they don’t say is that the deaths are from heroin being cut with the chemical and coming in through Mexico.  Liberals, especially democrat party politicians, fight tooth-and-nail to stop President Trump from building a wall on our southern border to stop the flow of illegal-alien criminals, illegal drugs, and moslem terrorists into America.

Another lie they tell is that abortion is “a woman’s right to choose” and that abortion is a “matter of women’s health.”  The very people who decry me, a born-again evangelical Christian, as a racist are the ones who demand that abortion, the murder of an unborn child of God, and was championed by a woman who founded planned parenthood (read that “planned infanticide”) as a method to rid America of black people.  Margaret Sanger was very racist, as are those who demand that abortion be funded with money confiscated from working-class American citizens.

Democrats daily tell the lie that the wealthiest Americans “are not paying their fair share” of taxes when they have created the tax shelters called tax-exempt foundations where the wealthy elite can hide their money and avoid taxes while we low- and middle-income people pay ever-increasing percentages of wages into the abyss of graft and corruption that is the federal government.  The ultra-wealthy, who cry out for higher taxes on earned income, make their money primarily from capital gains and investments, so we don’t hear them yap about higher taxes on capital gains, do we?  Listen to multi-billionaire warren buffet cry about how earned income taxes need to rise because his secretary pays more than he does.  While her earned income is hit harder, his billions come in without any taxes assessed because it isn’t earned and goes into a “foundation.”  The clintons have a “foundation” that took in billions for disaster relief in Haiti after the devastating earthquake there, yet little, if any, has been spent to help Haiti.  The clintons travel the world and live lavishly while being exempt from taxes and prosecution for their crimes because they are near the top of the satanic cabal ruling America today.

The media lies about who is racist, who “deserves” help from a “benevolent government,” and who should pay and be punished for “systemic racism” and, guess what, it isn’t the racists themselves on the punishment list.  The very liberal media and the leftist politicians lull uneducated minds into a state of mind-numbed hypnosis in order to get them to riot and destroy anyone and anything that doesn’t fit their agenda, just as the Nazis did in 1930s and 1940s Germany and Europe.  How did they get people to persecute their brethren?  They told lies until the people were hypnotized into conforming, thinking they would be exempt from the tyranny, but they also suffered immensely in the end.  Like the National Socialists in Germany, American socialists accuse innocent people of doing the horrible things that the socialists themselves are doing.  If blm really cared about black lives other than those of career criminals killed while committing a crime or resisting arrest, they would be vandalizing and burning abortion clinics that murder about 359,000 black babies a year and burning the homes of democrat mayors, city council members, and governors who turn a blind eye to black children murdered by black thugs to the tune of hundreds every year.  Why aren’t the blm thugs protesting over the one-year-old shot to death in New York City by a black man just a few weeks ago or the eight-year-old girl in Atlanta about the same time, or the nine-year-old sitting in her house doing school work when a bullet from a black gang drive-by shooting blew half her head off?  Where is their outrage at those black deaths, HMMM?????

The hypocrisy displayed by every faction on the left is beyond obvious, but the media won’t tell their hypnotized drones about those children because those deaths don’t advance the leftist agenda.  Since Mr. Peanut, jimmy carter, created the department of “education” during his one destructive term, our children have been taught to believe what they hear and/or read in the media, not to think for themselves.  A populace knowledgeable of the Constitution and able to think for themselves is very detrimental to the marxist left, and they prefer a populace easily controlled by ignorance and hypnotism.  It is distressing how pervasive evil is in America today.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Email sent to White House today:


    1. Thank you, President Trump et al, for holding China’s leaders accountable for unleashing COVID-19:


    Watch President Trump’s full address to the UN General Assembly

    Read the President’s full speech here.

    Coronavirus is an invasion of China intended to infect the human body and kill the will to live,
    “Lockdown-coronavitis” is an invasion of Democrats intended to infect the human mind and kill initiative.

    Science conducted without conscience risks con science results.

    2. Today’s other mind-invasive invisible enemy are the globalists funding and coordinating murder and mayhem on Main Street USA behind the veil of “social justice” and other humanitarian hoaxes.

    50 HOAXES: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/52973861-the-book-of-humanitarian-hoaxes

    A leading Jim Jones FOOL-AID KOOL-AID to reject from its invisible leaders (= Satan Soros and Obama II, all carpetbaggers funding Sharpton, Antifa, BLM/BlacksLootersMurderers et al), is today’s “END RACISM” hoax.

    Racism is here to stay, it can/could never be legislated-away; it is as natural as gravity and jealously and shadows on a sunny day!

    “END REPARATION$” because slavery reparation$ is a Theft Left rip-off intending to have innocent folks pay today for anything others did yesterday!

    Prohibition of alcoholism (1920- 1933) attempted to separate man from his drinking.
    Prohibition of racism attempts to separate man from his thinking.

    Protestors causing mayhem on Main Street USA are merely symptoms of The Problem, being, malfeasant mayors, $atan $oros, FAKE presIDent Obama II, Democrat leaders who DCeive We the People, media lackeys, DA attorney-criminals like Diana Becton
    ( https://nypost.com/2020/09/02/das-policy-to-consider-looters-needs-before-charging-them/ ) et al.