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by OPOVV, ©2020

Photo:  joanbrown51, Pixabay, License

(Sep. 21, 2020) — “Warming up the Funk” (1:46)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Our guest is none other than Professor Zorkophsky, the eminent authority on those who are bonkers. Let me ask you this, Professor: Is the word ‘bonkers’ an accepted medical term in your profession, that of psychiatry?”

“Why of course it is; I wouldn’t use it unless it were, of that you can be assured. Here, let me assure you by giving you a foolproof example: Representative Nancy Pelosi is bonkers. There, does that satisfy you? By the way, please, if you would, address me as ‘Zork’; I like to keep these interviews as relaxed and informal as I can.”

“Will do, Zork. I just read your new book – yet another best-seller — about the root causes of the disruptions in our country these days. You devoted a chapter on why our police and firefighters must be Veterans and you make a pretty good argument, I must admit. You also devoted yet another chapter to why we should reinstate the Draft for all our citizens.”

“Well, let’s take them one-by-one. In the first case, that of law enforcement: comparing the police with the military is like your mother sending you to your room or a judge sentencing you to prison. I mean, the ONLY reason why mayors don’t want Veterans on the police force is because a Veteran will not follow an illegal order. I mean, even the most ignorant of us remember what came out of the Nuremberg trials, that of using, ‘But I was only following orders’ as a defense against any crime committed.”

“How about giving us an example?”

“How many will it take? How about the mayor of Baltimore telling the police to stand down while her city burns, right on national TV? How about Minneapolis burning, the police station taken over; also in Seattle and then look at Chicago; the same results of the police standing down on the orders of the mayors.”

“Democratic mayors.”

“Right, usually backed by Democratic governors who are doing everything possible to skew the election in Biden’s favor. Look, the police were hired to ‘Serve and Protect,’ and any order countermanding that prime directive is, by definition, illegal.”

“That makes sense. Excuse us while we take a commercial break.”

Uptown Funk” (4:52)

“So that’s what I convey in my book: it is my professional opinion that the citizens of our country, since they are taxpayers who pay for services, if those services aren’t rendered, then what’s it all about?”

“What’s about?”

“Taxes for police protection; taxes where the bad guys are put in prison, at a minimum, is what. Where the so-called peaceful protesters’ are dealt with forthwith, is what. Where the statue-destroyers are arrested and put in jail, is what. Where the bill is presented to the destroyers to be paid in full, is what.”

“Okay, we get the drift.”

“If the police would act in a manner in which the public expects them to act, this country would be a lot better off.”

“Yes, I believe you have a chapter on possible solutions, isn’t that right?”

“Yes; the police can quit or else arrest those who issue illegal orders, not limited to mayors, mind you, but also extending to corrupt District Attorneys such as in Chicago, an example of failed Affirmative Action if there ever was one, and judges who let the guilty go free, like a child molester getting out only to destroy yet another life.”

“I don’t think ‘New York’s Finest’ will endorse your book, Zork.”

“Look, the proof is in the pudding; what can I say? Buy the book; read the book and then see if I’ve made my case. Besides, I knew a lady who, when young, was raped and it never left her, even after 30 years. It’s horrible what the pedophiles get away with. Before we got saddled with Left-Wing-Looney-Tune judges, pedophiles were sent to prison where their fellow prisoners would render a just verdict.”

“Yes, that is true. So the main thesis of your book is what?”

“One: hire Veterans to fill the billets of law enforcement and, two: reinstate the Draft.”

“Okay, I guess that will do it for now. This is your Roving Reporter wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

Another One Bites the Dust” (3:35)


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  1. Dear Roving,

    Your secretary, Molly, must’ve had a hot date because she missed part of what I said, which was:

    “I mean, even the most ignorant of us remember what came out of the Nuremberg trials, that of using the excuse of, ‘But I was only following orders’ cannot be used as a defense against any crime committed.”

    Let me reiterate that: you can’t use the excuse of “following orders” from committing a crime or not doing your job, as in the case of law enforcement “standing down” while looting, arson, rape and murder takes place.

    Had the police actually done their job, there would have been no riots in the first place, okay? Not one broken window or building burned.

    Had the DA’s and the judges done their jobs, rioters crossing State lines would be in jail.

    So either the cops do what they were hired to do, protect the community, or its time to find another job. Just because a person holds the title of “Mayor” or “District Attorney” does that give them the right to operate outside the law with impunity. The job of the police is to arrest lawbreakers, so all they have to do is to do their job.

    Buy the book,

    Professor Zorkophsky