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(Sep. 19, 2020) — “War Song”  (3:21)

“From the Star Spangled Banner as You’ve Never Heard It(11:38), I learned that the words, ‘I’ll die on my feet before I’ll live on my knees(page 3) are attributed to George Washington. I just repeated it and, just maybe, some other American will get with the program and stand with me against the forces of tyranny and stupidity that are assembled against us. Truth be told, the only thing protecting us is our guns; the only barrier between law and anarchy is your ability to protect yourself.

“The law enforcement community is largely a reactive force, but when you are attacked you must become proactive. To expect a burglar or rapist to wait while you call 9-1-1 doesn’t cut it in the real world. Being a responsible and good citizen requires one to be armed so as not to have to rely on the cavalry; to be able to protect yourself, your family and others who may need you like NOW; and to be part of The Militia of like-minded people who will come to the aid of their country at a moment’s notice, like in a minute.

“Make absolutely no mistake about it: they want our guns. The bad guys will always have guns, so who is doing all the shootings in Chicago? Obviously, not us good guys because they took away our Second Amendment. And that fact alone, my friend, completely — 100% — negates any argument of abolishing the right to own a gun, as in ‘you’ll be safer.’ How can you expect to be safer if you don’t have the ability to protect yourself?

“One would think this talk about who would you vote for is rhetorical, but apparently there are, believe it or not, one or two people in the United States who hate it so much that they would actually pull the lever for the Biden-Harris ticket, unbelievable as it seems.

“I guess you could say that Hillary and Soetoro, aka Obama, would pull the lever for Biden to escape jail time, but that leaves only the true Hate-America left, like my brother and relatives. Here’s how the conversation goes: ‘Trump is corrupt.’ ‘Give me one example.’ ‘Trump is corrupt.’  

“Now, getting back to this kneeling business and disrespecting the flag, the uneducated, political-wise of those among us ought to live in a Socialist country or a cesspool where there is Sharia Law to understand how great our country really is. In any other country, if a citizen would publicly disrespect their flag, they would be immediately censored by imprisonment.

“Our Constitution allows for change if anyone would bother to read it. I’m sorry to report that if over a few generations you can’t speak the language of the country you’re living in, something is alarmingly amiss. Ever since the United States turned tail and ran out of South Vietnam, leaving behind the killing field it became, we had an influx of Asian refugees who learned our language and assimilated into our culture to their – and our — benefit.

“If one would take the time and make the effort to research each and every homicide by cop, one would learn that the person shot dead would have been better off if a) they weren’t breaking the law and, b) they understood the command ‘STOP.’

“I also find it quite incredulous that anyone would work for a boss they didn’t like, didn’t respect and didn’t agree with. This country is a land of opportunity, and if you don’t like your job, quit and either go somewhere else. I’m sorry, but to put benefits and retirement before honor is too high a price to pay. I’ve heard, ‘I’ll just put in my time and then I’m out-of-here’ all my life from too many people who say one thing but do another.

“The fact is that the Democratic Party IS NOT the party of JFK; it died the day JFK did. President Johnson’s Great Society gave us Affirmative Action*, where standards were lowered in order to give the Teachers’ Union a pass on their failures to teach the inner-city kids how to read, write and speak proper English, at least to the point of understanding the word ‘stop.’

“So I ask the question:  what price will you pay for freedom? Will you run around like Chicken Little and continue to make complete fools of yourselves, as the ‘peaceful protesters’ do, or will you put the statues back and pay for the destruction you have wrought upon our community?

“I think we all know the answer to that one: they will not; they will not own up to their responsibilities to make good; they will continue to go through life stupid, just as Colin Kaepernick is doing, and rather than putting the bum in jail, we give him a free pass, just as we are doing with the ‘peaceful protesters.’

“I don’t agree but I think you know that and so, In closing, let me say that the law is meaningless unless it is swift and just, and giving people a free pass at destroying someone’s business doesn’t cut it with me.

“I only got one bit of advice: when that flag is waving while the Nation Anthem is played, don’t even think about kneeling, or holding hands, or standing with fist raised. Not only do I have the right, but I also have the duty to protect my country from enemies both foreign AND domestic. Thank you for listening: Goodnight.

“Let’s grab a burger: my treat.”

[*Affirmative Action: where standards were lowered to accommodate the unqualified.]

Stressed Out” (3:45)

Chief New Leaf

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