September 15, 2020

Angela Merkel, 2019, Wikimedia Commons, Raimond Spekking, CC by SA 4.0

Dear Editor,

William Chandler, “A deal to energise” Melbourne, Herald Sun, 14/9, Trade Minister Simon Birmingham’s joining an energy deal with Germany is a great thing for Australians, and particularly Victorians? Mr Chandler, some 75% of Germany’s energy needs (so much imported from/reliant on Russia, Poland, France and Scandinavia) are from other than taxpayer-subsided, environment/scenic destroying, fauna-damaging and precious-resources-depleting inefficient “renewables” — the likes of wind and solar power — all because Germany’s Marxist “Auntie Angela” Merkel’s mob (and the Greens) have been shutting down Germany’s coal- and nuclear-powered energy sources (while Red China, Mr Chandler, builds hundreds of coal-fired power stations)!

Victorians, Mr Chandler, are about to suffer incredible power bills (courtesy of inept and heartless Andrews/Merlino Labor’s shutting down ever-dependable coal-fired power) and sweltering miserably through the approaching summer because they won’t have sufficient money to run their air conditioners! Not to mention the impending blackout disasters further damaging Victoria’s already shattered economy, courtesy of Marxist Daniel Andrews’ mob’s disastrous Covid-19 handling!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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