September 11, 2020


Dear Editor,

I’m but a former “humble shopkeeper”; however, I say, Victoria’s Andrews/Merlino Marxist-type Labor Government had hoped to use Communist Red China’s “Belt & Road Initiative” to sleight-of-hand mask/stop-up/paper-over the yawning cracks in Victoria’s already so parlous financial position long before Daniel Andrews, James Merlino & Co so culpably created Labor’s disastrous handling of Covid-19 – letting the pandemic loose on Victorians from corrupt and inept hotel quarantining and tracking of coronavirus-positive cases!

Daniel Andrews even goes to devious lengths by claiming Australia’s Scott Morrison-led Coalition Federal Government will endanger Victorian exports (which Andrews could not specify) to China if Morrison and Josh Frydenberg legislated against nation-threatening schemes like Red China’s “B&RI”! Andrews, all the while, is putting more Aussies out of work by importing Chinese steel for Victoria’s major infrastructure projects! Not to mention major Labor donors – and slow-to-be-Coronavirus-infected declared by Victorian Health authorities! – Cedar Meats’ recent shipment of very cut-price meat to Covid-19’s origin: Red China’s Wuhan Province!

My late foundry-worker Dad often said: “You can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool some of the people all of the time!” So, let’s hope (no, pray!) at the next election that more than just some Victorian voters are not again fooled – by Andrews, Merlino & Co!



Howard Hutchins

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