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September 8, 2020

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Wikimedia Commons, public domain (U.S. Department of Defense)

Dear Editor,

I have always been (and always will be) a great admirer of the great John Howard, one of Australia’s greatest prime ministers!

However, John Howard’s greatest mistake (even worse than then-PM John Howard’s deferring to Malcolm “Turncoat” Turnbull on the histrionics of Mother Nature’s climate change) was permitting “patriotic polygamy”: dual citizenship! John Howard was seduced by business people owning businesses overseas in Western and/or Western-allied countries!

It was bad enough with dual-citizenship Australian Islamic fundamentalists and/or supporters to be able to go back and forth through NATO ally Turkey (now a very suspect friend of the West) to fight for/support ISIS in Middle East conflicts, sometimes fighting against Western soldiers!

Now we have some one million people of Chinese origin in Australia, considered by Red China’s Communist Party to be only Chinese, and only Chinese forever and a day! And only ever to be loyal to Red China, a country now surreptitiously detaining (without charge) journalists with Australian dual-citizenship status; taking over the – far away from Red China! – South China Sea, under the cover of the Red-China-originating Covid-19 crisis, taking over/subjugating Hong Kong; and now punishing Australia for having the temerity to call for an investigation of Covid-19’s mishandling by Red China’s totalitarian rulers!

If just 10% of those of Chinese origin in Australia take up Red China’s call to arms, etc., that’s 100,000 “enemies from within” who can flit back and forth to the “Fatherland” (or “Motherland”)!

Not worried? You should be: just ask Taiwan’s terrified (of Red China) 25 million citizens (94% percent of whom don’t give a bugger about holding citizenship of Red China)!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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