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by Sharon Rondeau

What did the Framers mean by the term “natural born Citizen”?

(Aug. 20, 2020) — In regard to an article published at “Richard Viguerie’s Conservative HQ” on Monday, constitutional activist Robert Laity reported Wednesday that in response to his question to Viguerie as to why comments to the article were closed, Viguerie “OPENED it for discussion.”

The article by George Rasley, CHQ Editor is titled, “Kamala Harris Is An Anchor Baby, Not A ‘Natural Born Citizen’ Of The United States” and begins:

Regular readers of CHQ will recall the 2016 controversy over whether Senator Ted Cruz was a “natural born citizen” of the United States and thus eligible to be President or whether he was citizen not natural born, and thus, according to the Constitution’s Article 2, Section 1, not eligible to hold the office.

At the time we argued that Sen. Cruz was eligible and the notion that there were three types of citizenship – natural born, citizen not natural born and naturalized citizen – was not supported by either history or legal precedent.

However, since the Cruz controversy there has been a great deal of new scholarship and commentary regarding whether Democratic Senator Kamala Harris likewise meets the test that has caused us to reopen the discussion and invite CHQ readers to weigh-in.

Harris was born in Oakland, CA to parents who were not U.S. citizens.  According to research conducted by Gary Wilmott published here and at American Thinker, Harris was born a Jamaican citizen in keeping with the Jamaican constitution and is also eligible for “preferential status with the country of India” as a result of her mother’s origins and ancestry.

As noted Wednesday night on Mike Volin’s “WOBC” radio program by several guests well-read in the “eligibility” issue, the mainstream media is making a concerted effort to quash any discussion of Harris’s eligibility to the vice-presidency or presidency, labeling questioners “racists” and “birthers.”

“I asked him about why comments weren’t open on that article and he OPENED it for discussion,” Laity told The Post & Email. “I think this issue may be the straw that broke the camels back. People are finally understanding what an NBC really is.”


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  1. Both major political parties have concertedly over stepped the Supreme Law of the Land in unarguable the deepest root of the US Constitution. The basis? A radical elitist entitlement grab by Representatives and Senators that is totally disdainful of the power that they were entrusted with in the first place. Treasonous actions by Elected Officials who know better condemn the Voters whom are suffering many in ignorance – Unfortunately this is exactly where the traitors want them so as to delay the tentacles of Justice which daily are getting closer to their defrauding carelessness with a Standard of Equality under the Law.

  2. If the Obama apologists along with the anti-American fake news media and the phony academics and pundits masquerading as constitutional experts wish to disingenuously conflate regular citizen and Natural Born Citizen, then there was absolutely no need for the Founding Fathers to include the “grandfather clause” in Article 2.

  3. If birth within USA territory were all that was required to make one a citizen (let alone a natural born Citizen) then why was the 14th Amendment needed at all? The children of freed slaves (who perhaps would have been denied citizenship) would have been citizens regardless.

      1. The 14th Amendment was to make dual-citizens of all American citizens. We all became citizens of the Nation/State in which we were born AND citizens of the United States of America. They Who Must Be Obeyed could not allow another General Lee to get away with choosing his Nation/State over the USA Empire.

  4. The natural born Citizen eligibility requirement for presidential eligibility was added to the U.S. Constitution to be a “strong check” (per John Jay’s letter to George Washington) against foreign influence at and by birth from ever getting to be commander in chief of our military: That clearly rules out people born with Dual-Citizenship and allegiance requirements to a foreign country: http://www.kerchner.com/protectourliberty/johnjay1787lettertogeorgewashington.pdf

    Later via the 12th Amendment (last line) the same eligibility requirement was imposed on those seeking the office of Vice President too.

    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)