by Mike Volin, President, WOBC Radio, ©2020

(Aug. 18, 2020) — We will investigate the Eligibility Of Kamala Harris to serve in the Office Of Vice President of the United States.

Publisher and columnist, Sharon Rondeau from The Post Email, and investigative reseachers-CDR Charles Kerchner (ret), and Miki Booth, will be our guests. The ability to hold the office of the President and Vice President under The Natural Born Citizen clause of our Constitution are under attack. It is evident over the past decades that an attack on our Constitution has been under way and continues to this day. We will provide a multitude of evidence to clearly show what the requirements are. The Natural Born Citizen clause was entered into our Constitution to protect our Country from foreign influence and invaders. Does that exist today? You better believe it does. Please tune in and listen, call in to the show to express your concerns and give your opinions. Open telephone lines.


[Editor’s Note:  The show will air Wednesday evening, August 19, from 8:00 p.m. EDT to 10:00 p.m. EDT and can be accessed through phone or the internet at the above link.]

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  1. this is really great news, Mike is a super guy whom i trust completely to post the truth, just like here with Sharon..

    i’ve been around the web, and it’s hot, i had three threads squashed at USMess. they won’t allow discussion of it on the main board.

    and i found the thomas quip… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sco3igZmHXQ

    it occured to me that the “original” is still in the vault in hawaii, obama needs biden to win to put his legacy to bed.

    case in point, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkExBioUIAk

    i actually emailed this around, it had a short shelf life.

    so youtubegoogle is scrubbing it out, yet obama isn’t running for anything.

    wikipedia has single handedly defined natural born citizen.

    and didn’t the obots use one parent for obamjevitch ?

    i’ll bet the farm that brennan will lead the chase back to the passport breach… c’mon Durham… Ole’

  2. Ideas Jeff? Contact Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch? 50 state petition? Contact local congressperson about DUAL CITIZENSHIP? Call in to local talk radio?
    I have contacted my congressman’s office. They will be calling back (holding my breath) today…supposedly. I have contacted Judicial Watch.
    The DUAL CITIZENSHIP argument is easy for people to understand. Exposing Harris would be devastating for Biden and Obama (the puppet master). Why didn’t she at least try to renounce her citizenship like Cruz?…BEFORE she started campaigning. I put her on notice in December of 2017, that she would get push-back from the constitutionalists if she tried to defraud the American people. So let’s do it!

    1. Judicial Watch has never shown much interest in the eligibility issue. Neither has Congress. Petitions always get ignored.

      Attorney Mario Apuzzo had best advice last night: file ballot challenges in states’ courts. The only question is who: Will Attorney Apuzzo? Commander Kerchner?

      Phil Berg filed his lawsuit in 2008 before the democrats has even started their convention. This year’s convention is already over.

  3. Perhaps a Lion is about to be awakened. Could this be a spark that causes a forest fire? Isn’t it time to have a “war plan” and engage? Perhaps promoting Harris wasn’t such a bright idea. They shouldn’t have been so brazen a second time. Wasn’t one usurper enough? Perhaps, this is like getting a second bite of the apple. With Trump at the helm, how can we fail?. Let’s charge!

    1. If “We the People” continued to allow these usurpations our nation will fall. “Don’t give up the ship”- James Lawrence, (USN), Captain of the U.S. Chesapeake (1813)