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by Bob Russell, ©2020

Image: Jorgeduardo, Pixabay, License

(Aug. 15, 2020) — I just read a report about citizens in Florida facing fines and/or arrest for not wearing a mask in public.  This is another plan by tyrants to intimidate We the People into submission to tyranny.  I have seen reports from doctors that say masks are not the protection some claim they are and that it is dangerous for healthy people to wear them as they tend to keep carbon dioxide, what humans exhale, confined and breathed in, creating a dangerously low oxygen level.  Humans breathe in air and exhale the carbon dioxide that flora, trees, grass, and flowers need to thrive.  Flora use the carbon dioxide and emit the oxygen we breathe.

Isn’t it odd that masks are either recommended or required for everyone but the blm and antifa thugs rioting, looting, and burning?  If masks are so critical, how is it that anarchists are exempt?  I have seen comments that they are exempt because they are “exercising their 1st Amendment rights” while Christians attending church services aren’t exercising their 1st Amendment rights?  Oh, I see; Christians don’t have rights according to marxists.  America has fallen far from the vision of the founders, accepting and/or demanding that evil take precedence over good.  The political ruling class is steadily becoming more and more insistent that We the People bow to their will.  In communist China government, and government rulers, are “god,” and the same thing is happening here in the USA now, getting worse each year and lately every day.

The best thing for Florida citizens to do is refuse to pay the fines, as the edicts requiring selective enforcement of mask-wearing are not constitutional despite what the tyrants claim.  Government at all levels ignores the Constitution, choosing to enforce its will over citizens rather than to honor their oath of office.  The coronavirus tyranny, on top of other tyrannical acts such as gun control and health care control, is rapidly bringing the nation to the point of a Revolutionary War to reestablish liberty as designed by the founders.  They laid out their grievances in the Declaration of Independence and today I see the same problems, taxation without representation and government ignoring the will of We the People.  The soap box has been rendered irrelevant by a propagandist media interested only in propping up tyrants and refusing to acknowledge the righteous grievances of citizens.

The democrat party useful idiots can use social media to tear down the structure of the nation and not only be allowed to air their lies but also to be applauded by those in charge of the social media sites, the “mainstream” media propagandists, and the democrat party (the donkey wing of the New World Order Socialist Party) while patriots and Christians are severely censored to keep their views to limited or no exposure.  The media is supposed to be neutral, giving equal coverage to both sides of the political spectrum, but we have seen the media over the last 60 years move leftward until now they are no more than a Joseph Goebbels/Pravda arm of the democrat party.

I live in Oklahoma, a very conservative state full of Christians and patriots.  When blm started their antics in Oklahoma City a while back they were shut down immediately by police and charged with felonies by the Oklahoma County District Attorney.  I really can’t say much about our local media; I never watch the “news” here because I know there is a lot of national left-wing bias due to national reports coming from network people who are very leftist and I don’t need to hear their lies and spin.  Oklahoma doesn’t have the leftist tyranny running the state as many others do, such as New York, New Jersey, Virginia, California, Washington, Oregon, and some others.  I don’t object to people wearing a mask if it makes them more comfortable but I don’t see what gives any government official the authority to demand that their will override the will of We the People.  I think masks are ridiculous and will not wear one, mandatory or not, but I won’t criticize people who decide they need one.  Again, it comes down to personal choice over government edict; if people want to wear one it’s okay with me but they shouldn’t be coerced under government threats of imprisonment.  Comply or go to prison is tyranny, not liberty!!!!!

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