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August 15, 2020

Photo: ansgarscheffold, Pixabay, License

Dear Editor,

I hear all you donkeys braying, undermining the US in Iraq, just as you did in Vietnam! As water is to the human body, oil is to all modern industrialized societies! Forty percent of Westerners’ everyday needs are derivatives of oil, without which Westerners will fight each other while our traditional enemies look on – licking their licks! The South Koreans, Taiwanese and former East Germans all enjoy affluent democratic freedom because of America’s sacrifices or umbrella protection!

Donkeys, don’t kid yourselves! Saddam Hussein was a threat to democracies around the world with continuing financing of terrorism, rewarding of terrorist acts, shielding of terrorists and providing facilities and infrastructure for the training of terrorists. Saddam Hussein also let his people die lingering and terrible deaths – by withholding medicines and food – while splurging billions on himself and his elite and, at the same time, blaming Western sanctions. Were you donkeys braying against Saddam then?

A truly liberated and democratic (not Iranian-puppet) Iraq would have had an alternative oil supply flowing – paying Iraq’s way – to the West, breaking the Saudis’ (and other Arab states’) serious semi-monopoly. This would also have allowed the West to stymie those Saudis exporting Wahhabism – fanatical fundamentalist Islam – to Europe, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world – including ours! Make no mistake, Russia’s “Tsarist” ex-KGB – KinderGarten Bailiff – Putin is just biding his time, sitting atop frozen-in vast oil and natural-gas resources, waiting for the West to be in enough of a mess to access  – at rock-bottom pricing – American technology and expertise to harvest Russia’s “Black Gold”! Will Russia and China then rein in Iran and North Korea?

And who will come to Australia’s aid if the quite-possible argument comes to a head over Islamic “settlers”’ activities in Irian Jaya, spilling over into Papua New Guinea!  The aforesaid argument would be between 24 million Australians and some 275 million Indonesians!

I can hear all the “clever people,” “glitterati gladiators” and “elitist Leftists” now ranting  with, “Reds and Taliban under the bed!”

Bray on you, donkeys!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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