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by Chief New Leaf, ©2020

Photo: Pixabay, Free Use

(Jul. 26, 2020) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. The American Indian tribes, who signed treaties with the United States government, did so with the understanding that the Constitution would be the law of the land until eternity. Equal protection with equal administration was to be the keystone, and the checks and balances within the framework were to insure that misapplication was not to be possible, considered or even contemplated. Be that as it may, because the United States government has really messed-up the works by allowing millions of illegal immigrants to live openly, and the welcoming of millions of Muslims, our country is in a very precarious state, meaning that a coup of some sort is not only feasible, but perhaps likely as well.

“Usually when one mentions the word ‘coup,’ one envisions some sort of military junta, although in our case that is not the case. What is happening to us is happening from within, by our very own neighbors, people we attended school with. In other words, we are disowning our obligation to the Constitution, to be replaced with what in the heck knows what, but whatever it is, we can kiss our liberties out the window, starting with the first two Amendments. One thing we can count on, no matter how it turns out, governments never add freedom, only reduce it. Break time.”

I Need You” (4:12)

“Within our government today, there are many Obama and Hillary supporters, which leads me to make this comment: we are fools to allow people to be in our government who don’t support our Constitution 100%. A few years ago LTC Terry Lakin was court-martialed in a kangaroo court and, even though it was obvious Lakin was being railroaded, the Pentagon remained mute and did not go to his defense when his constitutional rights were violated.

“The Deep State is alive and well, and as long as the laws of this land are being deliberately and wantonly violated, we’re in a downhill spiral that we may not pull out of. We have members of Congress who are on the side of BLM; we have professional sport franchises supporting BLM, and we have complete disrespect for our police, military and our anthem.

“We are out-of-control, and those who are against our president are for the destruction of the values that made the Constitution the most admired document in the world, yet we are on the verge of trashing it. It is not as easily dismissed as stupidity or ignorance; it is, rather, pure hatred for the application of giving all of our young people an equal opportunity to succeed in whatever they wish to do. It is denying the freedom of speech, as to be found in the American libraries of the decade of the 1950s, before Big Brother started to censor. Excuse us for another commercial, please.”

My Once Indian Girl” (3:49)

“Anyway, getting back on topic, if a person, an elected official, issues orders that endanger the citizens, then the police have a moral and legal obligation to arrest the person who issued the order. If a mayor allows rioting and someone is killed from a direct result of the riot, then whoever issued the ‘cops hands-off’ approach as a problem-solving solution, must be arrested and charged with – at a minimum – aiding and abetting a felony. If I were a New York City policeman, I would arrest Mayor de Blasio; if I were a law enforcement officer I would arrest a district attorney who put the citizens I swore an oath to protect in harm’s way.

“Last point: this BLM is an anti-American and pro-Socialist movement; BLM is, first, anti-Jewish and, second, anti-Christian; and any assistance lent to the BLM must be dealt with forthwith. There are enough American Indians to solve the problem and if the white man can’t protect our Constitution, then we will. Following illegal orders will only get you in so deep that you’ll never be able to blame anybody but yourself.

“Unfortunately, my time has run out and so, as Roving would say, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“There I go again, just talking our time away. As long as the police look the other way, it’ll only get worse. Bottom line? Do your job. Burger time: my treat.”

Walking the Streets” (3:16)

Chief New Leaf

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