by Bob Russell, ©2020

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(Jul. 26, 2020) — As I begin this article at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 25, 2020, I am watching the movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” starring James Stewart as an idealistic young man appointed to the United States Senate by a corrupt political boss with the idea that he would go there and continue the corruption that has been going on for years.  The head of the crime cartel is a man named Jim Taylor, I believe the governor of the state Smith is appointed to represent.  When Mr. Smith discovers that a dam that Taylor wants built, for personal profit, would inundate land Smith bought to provide camps for underprivileged boys, he begins to actively opposed the graft.  The cartel first tries to buy Smith’s support with bribes.  When that fails they threaten him to intimidate him into submission, and when that fails they smear him with falsified documents to give the appearance that Smith is the one trying to profit from corrupt practices.  The corrupt political cartel bears false witness against an honest man in order to destroy him and get what the cartel boss wants.

I see this very situation today but with even higher stakes.  Nazi war criminal george soros seeks to destroy the United States of America and establish his New World Order, a global dictatorship he has sought since the end of World War II.  Everything was going according to plan; he totally owns the democrat party and most of the republican party.  Every president since Ronald Reagan left office has been one of his operatives.  Both George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush, were under the thumb of soros, helping establish the global government planned by soros.  They were very stealthy about their actions, unlike the very open bill clinton and barak obama.  Hillary was supposed to finish the destruction but an upstart billionaire who has no interest in the money and power soros offered stepped in to throw a wrench into the process.  Since Donald Trump couldn’t be bought they went straight to intimidation, but Trump is  man of courage and wouldn’t fold as they intended.  The final resort for the soros cartel was to smear him.  The cartel came up with a plan to first try to prevent him from defeating hillary or, if that failed, to smear him into either resignation or impeachment.  The Steele dossier, a document they knew was a lie from start to finish, was paid for by the clinto campaign and the dnc and was designed to destroy Trump either before or after the election.

As it turns out Trump won the election by showing courage in the face of corruption and talking straight to We the People.  Since the cartel couldn’t cheat their way to power they came up with the impeachment scam to remove him from office.  The impeachment was a witch hunt from the very beginning.  The very corrupt nancy pelosi and her henchmen knew there was nothing to impeach Trump over but went ahead, choosing to either intimidate or smear Trump campaign people into selling him out with lies.  When they couldn’t succeed with intimidation they pulled out the false Steele dossier to do the job.  The dossier has now been thoroughly debunked as a pack of lies and Christopher Steele, the British intelligence agent who compiled it, has been shown to be corrupt and a blatant liar.  In the process of trying to get Trump, the evil democrats have impugned the character of retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, a highly-decorated veteran who is one of the most honorable men to ever serve this nation.  The FBI managed to illegally maneuver Flynn into “lying” to them.  He didn’t really lie but the corrupt agents made it look as if Flynn lied so they could bring false charges against him.  They got Flynn to plead guilty to charges by threatening his family, typical mafia tactics.

Since the phony impeachment didn’t work against Trump they have moved into the next phase of their evil plan to take over, to seize the reins of government.  Since the 2016 election hillary has never admitted she lost and continues to claim she actually won but that the Trump campaign used “voter suppression” to steal the election from her.  That accusation is totally false and she and her leftist friends know it but they lust for power and won’t admit the truth.  The new plan is to use false polls to claim that joe biden has a substantial lead over Donald Trump going into the 2020 election and will claim biden won based on their phony polling data.

I have seen democrat operatives say they will invade the White House and physically remove President Trump if he refuses to leave after he wins the election and if the military refuses to depose him.  The current crop of blm and antifa rioters are part of the soros cartel designed to depose President Trump and seize control of the nation so they can subjugate We the People. Democrat mayors and governors have not only allowed the riots but have encouraged them.  The media, controlled by soros and his puppet democrat politicians, have thrown their total support behind the marxist rioters because both have the same goal in mind, the total destruction of America and a global dictatorship.

The democrats want to have their illegal-alien friends vote so they can win and decry voter ID as “vote suppression,” which it certainly isn’t.  Democrats know they can’t win this election if they follow the Constitution so they will violate as much of it as they need to in order to accomplish their dirty deed.  The media and democrats are saying Trump can’t possibly win, that biden has already won and they will take control in January.  We the People will very likely have to either accept tyranny or fight another Revolutionary War to restore the liberty the founders left us.  The only way I see of averting this scenario is for We the People of the Christian faith to pray earnestly every day that Almighty God will deliver us from the clutches of soros and the democrat party.  I have been praying for deliverance for quite some time now on a daily basis.  I hope that many other Christians are also praying daily for God’s mercy to be with us.  He has brought this nation through much over the 244 years of its existence and during the years of its formation, before, during, and after the Revolutionary War.

Our nation needs warriors to get through the coming days.  I have the training and experience to be a warrior but am old and disabled from a stroke so am not able to be the physical warrior I once was.  I will therefore be a warrior for righteousness, something needed even more to fight off the evil that is upon us and will increase in the coming days.  The marxist rioters and their very evil leaders will continue their attempts to overthrow the legal government.  If they succeed, generations to come will live under a tyranny worse than anything that can be imagined, a satanic tyranny.  My prayer and hope is that God will show us, and future generations, the mercy we need to be victorious over the agents of satan.  Jesus is the answer to our problems and We the People need Him more now than at any time in history.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Mr. Trump has gone to Washington. The Taylors of the world have a very worthy opponent in the White House. Our current day “Taylors” are Soros and his cronies. Just like Senator Smith, we all must not let corruption gain a foothold. When it is discovered graft and fraud must be defeated. I enjoyed the article. It is just as true now. Corruption will probably always be present. That is why the phrase “ever vigilante” is so apropos. In God we trust, we MUST! Freedom is not free. Long live President Trump, our present day “Mr. Smith”.