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by Bob Russell, ©2020

geralt, Pixabay, License

(Jul. 15, 2020) — The democrat party propaganda machine is in full swing trying to either rig the debates, and thereby the election, for joe biden or give him a lame excuse to avoid them and hide out until after the election.  They know President Trump would eat biden’s lunch in a debate and show him for the mentally-deficient fool he is.  They want Trump to release ten years of tax returns, trying to fabricate that as a requirement to run for office.  I have been reading through the Constitution in the last few days and don’t find tax returns mentioned anywhere.  They can’t beat Trump on substance so they are trying to fabricate reasons to “disqualify” Trump on reasons not found anywhere in our founding document.

The state of Trump Derangement Syndrome has become even more dangerous as the months go by.  The left’s hatred of him and everything he stands for has grown immensely and their howling has grown more shrill along with it.  The marxist left wants total control so they can finish the destruction of the Republic that fuhrer obama started and they counted on hillary to complete.  Now they are hinging their hopes on a man who practices inappropriate activities with children and has severe dementia.  It is beyond sad that a political party doesn’t have anyone better to offer the nation than that empty suit and expect We the People to vote for him.  Unfortunately many voters are so ill-informed and brainwashed that they actually believe he is the better choice.

President Trump should be re-elected and given four more years to drain the swamp of the vermin that has lived there for much too long.  If We the People are ever going to get our country back we need to rid the government, at all levels, of democrat party deep state traitors.  The party has sold itself to satan and his chief financier, Nazi war criminal george soros.  From what I have seen it seems the only billionaire in America who isn’t a leftist shill for satan is Donald Trump.  Bill Gates has lately shown himself to be a hard-core leftist.  The last figures I saw put his net worth at $106 billion and he is looking to increase that number astronomically through vaccines for the coronavirus.  He is heavily invested in vaccine development and is pushing hard to make the vaccine mandatory, with a “marker” that proves a person has been vaccinated.

Technology has advanced to the point that programmable microchips the size of a grain of rice can be injected under the skin with a hypodermic needle and be loaded with every bit of data needed to track and identify its carrier.  This brings us to the “Mark of the Beast” written of in the Bible Book of Revelation.  The anti-Christ will require that every person have its “mark” on the back of the right hand or in the forehead in order to be able to buy and sell or move around in public.  The “mark” will have a person’s entire life record programmed into it along with tracking capabilities.  Bill Gates is pushing this and stands to profit billions or trillions on it.  This is exactly what the Bible says will happen in the “end times” and now that the technology is available satan’s minions are pushing hard to make it happen.  Anyone who accepts the “Mark of the Beast” condemns himself to eternity in hell and once accepted there is no going back.  Those refusing the mark will be hunted down and beheaded by satan’s minions.

The Bible says that even some of the “elect,” that is, Christians, will be intimidated into accepting the mark, not being informed enough to see the ramifications of the decision.  I will not take the coronavirus vaccination, marker or no marker, because I know it is just a scam to make an obscenely wealthy man even more wealthy.  Gates and those developing the vaccine demand legal protection so they can’t be sued for negative side effects or deaths that might occur due to the vaccine.  Big pharma has these same protections to ensure that a dangerous chemical product can’t come back to bite them financially.  Lots of profit with no liability.  Only big money can afford to pay the bribes to politicians and bureaucrats that are necessary to leave We the People at their mercy.

I urge everyone to think long and hard and carefully read the Bible so they will know the dangers of submitting to the scare tactics of those pushing vaccination.  The “Mark of the Beast” must be accepted willingly but once accepted cannot be revoked.  Besides losing their soul, those who accept the vaccine marker can be tracked very precisely by the New World Order (One World Government headed by the anti-Christ), down to within a foot of their location.  There are some who will mock and/or criticize this but no one has to take my word for it.  Look in the last book of the Holy Bible and find out for yourself what it says.  I write this in the hope that it will save people from eternal damnation through knowledge.  The Bible says, “My people die from lack of knowledge,” and through this I hope to educate those willing to educate themselves.  Most Christians know about the Mark of the Beast but some aren’t knowledgeable enough to withstand the pressure that will come to adhere to the edict to get the vaccine and its marker.  If democrats manage to cheat their way into total control satan’s plan will be implemented quickly.  Biden doesn’t have the mental capacity to make his own decisions and has been a globalist puppet for decades.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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