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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

Credit: Mediamodifier, Pixabay, License

(Jun. 18, 2020) — OK, so as the nation’s fabric continues to rip at the bloody hands of Antifa thugs, BLM agitators and clueless Democrat mayors, governors and congressmen, we are nearing that time when the only remaining option is to take the gloves off.  Stated otherwise, it is time to tell it like it is.  Soooo…., here we go.

First, as for the purported “popularity” of the Black Lives Matter phenomenon, Tucker Carlson correctly notes that the BLM spasm has become a dangerous political force to be reckoned with.  Soon, look for cancel culture storm troopers to demand that the federal Bureau of Land Management – the original “BLM” – change its name, because a “higher calling” requires that a more “woke,” albeit fundamentally racist, organization be awarded that abbreviation.

And if Joe (“What University of Delaware records?”) Biden is elected president, rest assured, that name change would take place “on the first day in the Oval Office.”  The Left’s insanity is becoming just…, well…, that: insane.  In the remainder of this offering, the abbreviation “BLM” will be a reference to the illegitimate Black Lives Matter cabal, not the legitimate federal agency.

Take the time to watch and read Tucker Carlson’s segment in the link embedded in the preceding paragraph.  Many will not like what he has to say about BLM, just as many do not like listening to the truth.  That aside, whenever you see BLM “peaceful rallies” where signs like “Kill a Cop – Save a Life” and “%#@& the Police” are proudly waved about, you know… or should know… that there is something very wrong underlying that movement.  And very dangerous, too.  Free speech is one thing: incitements to riot and atmospherics promoting the killing of police officers are quite another.

Moreover, when a University of California Berkeley professor “of color” exposes and dismantles the ugly façade of BLM – anonymously, out of fear of academic reprisals and/or physical assault – it should be apparent that the bona fides of that movement are, at absolute minimum, suspect.

As but one example of the dangerous insanity of the BLM movement washing over the country, note that one Joyce Kenner, the principal of highly-rated Whitney Young High School in Chicago, is now the subject of a petition demanding her resignation after 25 years of service to the school.

Her crime?  Wait for it…, wait for it…: in a video address to students regarding the violence sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, she counseled that if students felt the need to protest, they should do so without engaging or participating in … violence or looting.  That’s right, Virginia, telling students to engage in peaceful protests, but to avoid violence and looting, is now grounds for her to be fired…, this from a teacher who says it is “nonsense” to contend that she does not support BLM.  Yikes.

Some “disappointed alumni” signers of the petition claimed that her remarks “silenced student activists speaking against all forms of injustice” and that her “silence [sic: silencing] and her enabling of the systematic oppression that her black and low-income students face should be condemned.”

stux, Pixabay

Seriously?  So it is OK for agitators and looters to spray-paint “BLM” all over stores, police cars and the Lincoln Memorial as a form of “First Amendment expression,” but it is not OK to tell students that peaceful protests should avoid violence and looting?  And arson?  And assaulting police officers?

In reality, the BLM movement seeks to legitimize and mainstream violence, looting and the destruction of property as an acceptable First Amendment constitutional right belonging, in particular, to African-Americans.  And with a Supreme Court teetering on the edge of buying into that species of intellectual anarchy, do not be surprised if that argument is not soon made.

And yet, certain segments of the populace now bow down and kneel to the demands of BLM for fear that if they don’t, they will be branded “racists” and have their businesses either (a) looted and burned to the ground or (b) “demonetized” and ruined by tech tyrants and the piranhas of the Fourth Estate.  True to form, Democrats in Congress appropriate African cultural garb in faux mourning for George Floyd.

Nancy Pelosi – her mask down over her chin in disregard of CDC guidelines and in monumental ignorance of the fact that the Kente cloth scarves she and her cohorts photo-op’d originated with the African slave-trading tribes of Ghana – nearly fell over when she tried to get up from kneeling to her BLM overseers.  BLM remains silent on the stunt, but presumably is OK with it because, as always: “Orange Man Bad.”

Same thing with Antifa.  That group of misfits is nothing but a cabal of domestic terrorists intent on establishing CHAZ (now “CHOP”) in downtown Seattle.  When Congressman Dan Crenshaw pointed out the hypocrisy of the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” appealing to the vile, horrible capitalistic outside world for necessities – clothing, shoes, tents, food… cell phone supplemental minute cards – thereby undercutting its claim of “autonomy,” the result was hysterical, yet oh-so-leftist typical.  Instead of abandoning the demand for supplies, they simply changed their name to “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” or “CHOP.”  And that doesn’t even get into where CHOP gets its electricity and 5G cellular service.

These folks give new meaning to the term “stupid.”   And the city “government” continues to play the game with them, expanding the application of the term “stupid” to it as well.  This, valued P&E readers, is what you get with radical and progressive Democrat municipal mayors and state governors.  And a Joe Biden administration will bring that species of paradise to a neighborhood near you.  Is it just me, or are you, faithful P&E reader, just giddy in anticipation of that day?

Second, turning to law-and-order issues, note that with rare exceptions, the deaths of black persons at the hands of police officers – oh, and everybody else – is nearly always preceded by the suspect either resisting arrest, assaulting the officers and/or attempting to flee in order to avoid arrest.  Nearly always.  Memo to blacks (oh, yeah, and Anglos, and Hispanics and Asians and Polynesians and everyone else ….): when a police officer instructs you to do something, it is better for you to comply.  If you do not comply, you run the risk of injury…, or worse.

Moreover, if you have done nothing wrong – and by that is meant that you have not punched your pregnant girlfriend in the mouth; you have not just stolen some beer and cigarettes from a convenience store; you have not just sold a baggie of crack cocaine to an addict; and/or you are not a bail-jumper on the run from an outstanding arrest warrant for raping a nun – you are better off complying with the officer’s orders.  As a matter of fact, you are also better off complying even if you have done those aforementioned bad things.  It is, literally, that simple.  Rocket science this ain’t.

Bear in mind, the officer’s statements to you are not requests, although they may be preceded with words like “please.”  If the officer tells you to put your hands behind your back – with or without a “please” – that is an order.  It is not an optional request that you can disregard with impunity, punching the officer, grabbing his/her Taser or Glock and running away.  Bad choice.  Later on, when things have calmed down and you think you have a case for false arrest, you have the ACLU, Perkins Coie or Dewey Cheatham & Howe, LLC on speed dial.  Hey, maybe even you score a monetary judgment against the cop’s employer.  But in all likelihood, you are still alive.

Granted, the deaths of George Floyd, Freddie Gray, Breonna Taylor and many others are tragic and inexcusable.  There are bad cops, just as there are bad actors virtually everywhere.  But the remedy for bad cops is ridding them from the police department ranks, not dismantling or defunding on a nationwide basis all police departments.  That is a stupid solution, and thus, not a good solution at all.  And yet BLM and Antifa spray-paint signs and deface buildings with invective like “What do we want?  Dead cops!  When do we want it?  Now!!”  So tell me again just who – The Orange Man or the Antifa thugs and the BLM provocateurs – are today’s hatemongers?

I’ll wait.

Third, for the few BLM blacks reading this post, stop with the nonsense that the melanin content of your skin operates as a license to commit crimes and/or immunize you from arrest.  It does not.  You do your race a gigantic disservice when you contend otherwise, as demonstrated by your actions.  And, by the way, please explain away the ugly, yet demonstrable correlation between race and urban crime in the United States.  It would be wrong to conclude that these data support a conclusion that there is a propensity in young urban black males to commit crimes, but what else might the data be called?

Again, I’ll wait.


Fourth, present-day African-American blacks are not entitled to “reparations” from people who have done nothing to harm them.  And spare me the nonsense of “legacy guilt” as a basis for demanding that one generational race of people pay reparations to another generational race of people when neither of those groups was even born when the scourge of slavery burdened the nation.  Get over it.  Remember what your pastor or priest told you: the sins of the father are not to be visited upon the son.  Remember as well what John Wayne said: “Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid.”

And, by the way, on the reparations issue, how do you address persons of mixed race, like the Second Usurper-in-Chief of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.?  Would he be a recipient of reparations, or not?  Would he be required to take reparation payments from his right pocket and transfer them into his left pocket?  And if the reparation payments are to come from the United States Treasury Department, where the tax dollars of all races and ethnicities are commingled…, will blacks be issued allocated tax credits to make sure that reparation dollars do not come from them?

Enough already.  The nation is rapidly approaching a major crossroads, one that will define it well into the future.  Lines are already being drawn and stockpiles of ammunition – both virtual and physical – are being amassed.  Antifa, BLM and the piranhas of the media need to understand that, if there are no police remaining to protect people, they, too, will become as vulnerable to attack as the law-abiding citizens upon whom they have preyed.  Reason and tolerance have been destroyed by the leftists, Antifa, BLM and feckless politicians, including politicians on both sides of the aisle, but predominantly on the left.

Sadly, there seems to be no end in sight for the metastasizing anarchy or the looming train-wreck, short of a miracle.  One such miracle could well take the form of high-profile black Americans experiencing an intellectual epiphany such as that recently revealed by civil rights attorney Leo Terrell.  If articulate, rational blacks like Terrell would stand up, suffer the slings and arrows of the “Uncle Tom” epithets hurled their way, there is a slim chance that the BLM and Antifa thugs can be defeated.

josephredfield, Pixabay

But Terrell is only one person.  It would take dozens, if not scores, of such black African-Americans to take a stand, flip off (so to speak) the idiots of the left and join hands with those fellow Americans who believe that the nation, while flawed, is better than any other place on the planet.

Perhaps even the Second Usurper of the United States would realize – don’t hold your breath – that the depolarization of the nation through his epiphany, even if it meant a second term for President Trump, was a critical sacrifice that he would be willing to make at this moment in the nation’s history.  Hey, it could even obscure the stigma of his usurpation of the presidency.  He and Trump could even have a beer in the Rose Garden… Kumbaya all around.

Nah…. never gonna happen.  My bad.

Finally, BLM agitators should be called upon to answer this question: if their infatuation with the Gray Trollop’s “1619 Project” is so compelling, where would they rather be today: in the United States, or in Nigeria?  Or Kenya?  Or Somalia?  Or Ghana?  Or Burkina Faso?

Once more, I’ll wait.


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