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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

Credit: NaomiBooth, Pixabay, Free License

(Jun. 12, 2020) — As the turgid whirlpool of stupidity now gripping Seattle expands, the true future of an America governed by leftists, Antifa domestic terrorists, progressives and criminally feckless Democrats slithers up and out from its burrow.  It is mob rule enabled, sanctioned and defended by leftist Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin and Democrat Washington Governor Jay Inslee   The new campaign slogan for Joe Biden – and whoever will become the president if they win in November when Biden steps aside – should be “Today Seattle, tomorrow the nation!”  Sounds a little like this ditty from 1940.

Remember, faithful P&E readers, these folks want to make America look like CHAZ, a new “nation” within the city limits of Seattle separate and apart from the United States.  An acronym for “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” signs posted along the CHAZ “border” in downtown Seattle warn that upon entering the area, “You are leaving the United States.”  Next thing you know, they will demand the right to enter into a mutual defense pact with North Korea or Iran, brokered, of course, through George Soros and ratified by the United Nations.  Ummmm… is that not why Congress enacted the Insurrection Act of 1807?

And who, might you ask, is the “leader” of CHAZ?  Well, that would be a wanna-be rapper “warlord” going by the alias of “Raz Simone.”   Comrade Raz strolls peacefully through the area – with an AK-47 slung over his shoulder – giving orders and demanding tribute from businesses now imprisoned within the exterior boundaries of CHAZ.  Mayor Durkin, when asked how long she thought the occupation would last, quipped that Seattle might be in for a “summer of love,” hearkening back to the days of Woodstock.

If this is “love,” who needs “hate?”  How droll.  How feckless.  How dangerous.

Washington Democrat Governor Inslee characterized the establishment of CHAZ as “largely peaceful” and “fundamentally American.”  If the occupation of the center of an American city by radicals through force, arson and declared secession is “fundamentally American,” how does that differ materially from the lead-up to the shelling of Ft. Sumter in 1861?  In reality, CHAZ is an America intentionally designed by Democrats with a very…, very ugly face.

Speaking of the ugly faces that want to control your lives, your livelihoods and, yes, even your thoughts, do not forget this one.  The gent on the left in this split-screen video clip is esteemed Hah-vahd Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy, Cornel (“check-yourself-, negro”) West.  The guy on the right in the clip is civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, with whom West was supposedly having a “discussion” over the “wisdom” of the growing anarchistic narrative to “defund the police.”  That stupid and dangerous movement yesterday gave us this sad outrage from Richmond, Virginia.

Wikimedia Commons, Gage Skidmore, CC by SA 3.0

As you might suspect from the calm and measured language used in the video clip by West – who describes himself as a “non-Marxist socialist,” – the “discussion” did not end well.  With that clip, West gives the American electorate a brief glimpse…, a preview of coming attractions…, of what policies and personnel under a Biden regime would look like.  Yikes.  Not exactly attractive.

And yet, to the radical far-left now occupying CHAZ – and, parenthetically, dominating the Democrat Party – West is likely seen to be a wuss.  After all, although his Ph.D. thesis was entitled “Ethics, Historicism and the Marxist Tradition,” he hedges by calling himself a “socialist,” but only a tepid “non-Marxist” one.  Off with his head!  There is no room in the brave new world of the radical left for word-mincing, especially when progressive, communist and Marxist dogma is at stake.

Memo to the electorate: the United States is approaching a tipping point, a crossroads.  One road follows the path of law, order and the principles of a republic of the people, by the people and for the people founded on a Constitution that has served the nation well for 233 years.  The other road wanders into the weeds of anarchy, violence, mob-rule and thought control, deviation from the tenets of which will cost you your job, your dignity and, in some cases, your life.

The triple-threat now facing us – the Wuhan/COVID19 virus, hopefully on the wane; the fallout from a bad cop’s murderous excesses; and the acid-washing of a cancel culture intent on the destruction of memorials honoring past history, not unlike the ISIS terrorists – needs to be stopped and reversed.

The most effective mechanism for that goal is not a call for even larger crowds of conservatives and rational citizens marching in the streets.  CNN would not approve, because although social distancing for conservatives must be observed, the identical CDC pandemic virus protocol can – and should as an “essential” healthcare matter – be ignored as to others.  Neither is the answer open civil war, with Americans vs. Americans in the streets.  That too, like the West-Terrell exchange, would not end well.

No, Virginia, the best and least violent weapon to begin the rebuilding of a nation wrecked by decades of allowing leftists, progressives, socialists and Democrats to take the reins of governmental power is this: vote all Democrat elected officials out of office.  Mind you, not all registered Democrat voters are office-holders.  There is hope for them, just as there was hope for a former Democrat named Ronald Reagan, if only they will place country before party.  That task can begin as soon as the next special election anywhere in the country to fill a seat vacated by a Democrat.

The “main event,” of course, will come on November 3, 2020.  If the electorate deems the nation worthy of fixing and saving, it will on that day return control of the House of Representatives to the GOP, forcing Nancy Pelosi to figuratively kneel to Kevin McCarthy (reader alert: historic photo op); retain control of the Senate; and give President Trump four more years to right the ship of state and continue draining the D.C. swamp.

ColiN00B, Pixabay

Or…, if the electorate (or its harvested ballots) gives the election to Biden, get set for the devolution of America resulting from the spreading pestilence of the People’s Republic of CHAZ.  If that sad cancer now growing in Seattle, nurtured by leftist lunatics like Jenny Durkin, is not soon surgically removed or otherwise cured by political chemotherapy, like all malignancies, it will spread.  Do not look for Democrats to fight its spread beyond the seven blocks of Seattle it now infects.  People like Jenny Durkin and Jay Inslee – did I mention, both Democrats? – will instead be subsidizing and enabling its spread.

That metastasizing cannot be allowed.  To reiterate, once more, that which your faithful servant has articulated in the past and will continue to articulate into the future: the Democrats have forever forfeited any and all claims of right, competence or ability to govern a free people in a constitutional republic such as ours.  The time has come to vote them out of office.  Permanently.



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  1. One reason the insurrection act may not have been invoked yet is that CHAZ is a bunch of kids who don’t know what they are doing. It is a potemkin village of a “revolution”. There was a video of them planting crops on soil-laden cardboard. If there was ever a metaphor for the soundness and integrity of what they are doing, that is it.

    Failure to act will encourage imitators. But they will be imitating failure.