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by Tom Arnold, ©2020


(Jun. 12, 2020) — H.R. 40 is Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s (D-TX18) resolution/bill to seek slavery reparations for blacks.  If the bill gets through committee, then a vote in the House will be taken.  Assuming the House votes in favor of reparations, then the Senate presumably would become involved and possibly also take the matter to a vote.

At stake would be an award to make amends for a wrong done, either by payment of money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged (dictionary definition of “reparations”).  It has been estimated that a “proper” amount of monetary reparations would be $1.4 to $4.7 trillion, i.e., approximately $142,000 for every black American living today!

Allow me to just say,”Wouldn’t that be nice!”  A windfall for every living black American today for something which took place in our country, lasted approximately 100 years, and then ended 157 years ago in 1863 with emancipation.  No black American living today personally experienced slavery.  To the contrary, what has been experienced are the mostly positive efforts of right-thinking individuals to improve the conditions for black Americans and assimilate them into our society.  In a sense, “reparations” have been made all along and are still being made.

Now, let me tell you about something that is very real and truly deserving of some sort of reparations.  You won’t like what I am going to say, but if it is any consolation to you, I am NOT a racist.  I am a military veteran, a retired law enforcement and criminal court officer, an Independent-registered voter despite coming from a long family line of Democrats, a Christian who does not hate anyone or pose a physical threat to anyone, and an American citizen by birth.  So, here is my proposal for really meaningful and timely reparations.

Our country, including citizens of all races, creeds, and colors, should be compensated, either monetarily or otherwise, for the eight years that we were unlawfully and unconstitutionally ruled by an undocumented, likely foreign-born, communist and CIA-mentored, terrorist-affiliated, both domestic and foreign, Muslim, Arab-American (44% Arab ethnicity and 50% white) pretending to be dominantly black (6% ethnicity only), CONSTITUTIONALLY-INELIGIBLE (not a natural born American citizen), USURPER OF THE UNITED STATES PRESIDENCY AND COMMAND OF OUR COUNTRY’S ARMED FORCES.

In the highly unlikely case that you don’t know who or what I’m talking about, it is Barry Soetoro Soebarkah, aka “Barack Hussein Obama.”  He STOLE (by election fraud) the presidency and held it for two terms:  2000 to 2013, and 2013 to 2017.  Everything that he did while in office, and every action that he took, was illegal.  This is where the matter of reparations begins to make real sense.  If you feel that you are owed something because your ancestors were once slaves, then what about those of us who actually lived through the race-baiting, politically-correct, tribalism, and civil unrest presided over by “Obama!”

Guess what?  I am not seeking payment of any money, although I suppose I could justify it by using some of the same woke logic as others seeking monetary reparations for centuries-ago slavery.  I’ve got a better idea for “Obama.”  A better idea for reparations for his treason, and its continuing negative effects on practically every aspect of our society today.

My idea is called “JUSTICE!”  Finally expose “Obama” for who he really is and what he really did to us.  Correct our historical record.  Then, show “Obama” that NO ONE, NOT EVEN HIM, IS ABOVE THE LAW!  That’s all that we, who are his actual victims, who have been harmed and who are still being harmed in countless ways by him, are asking.  REPARATIONS IN THE FORM OF JUSTICE.  Not trillions of dollars!  ONLY PLAIN AND SIMPLE JUSTICE!


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  1. Dear Tom;

    Me Chief New Leaf, American Indian, and we just concluded a Pow Wow where we discussed the issues of the day, and the subject of Reparations came up, which was good for a laugh for ten minutes.

    I’m sorry, but the sins of the father cannot be passed down from generation to generation. We Indians do not blame the sons of the exterminators of the Buffaloes or the sons of the Army Corps of Engineers for really screwing-up our waterways.

    And then we got serious and decided to get our casinos opened ASAP and to NOT buy any more “Indian trinkets” from China, but rather make our cute Beaver salt & pepper shakers right here at home.

    And then, during to closing ceremony – which is always sad — someone yell-out, I think it was New Moon, “Reparations!”, which lightened the mood considerably.

    Chief New Leaf