by Bob Russell, ©2020

(Jun. 11, 2020) — I just read an item decrying the “systemic racism” blacks claim is ruling America and it isn’t the gop that is being criticized here.  Self-proclaimed blm activist Shaun King correctly blasted devilcrats for their policies that keep blacks on the plantation.  Despite decades of “affirmative action” programs that have thrown billions of tax dollars down the toilet and given blacks preferential treatment in every competitive category in society, blacks still lag well behind other racial groups in accomplishment.  Blacks have been given a leg up in employment, educational opportunities, and other categories since the 1960s but have nothing to show for it.

After I got out of the Army I applied for a job at Southwestern Bell Telephone in Oklahoma City.  There was one job and two applicants, a black man and me.  After the aptitude tests were completed I was interviewed and told that they were under pressure to hire minorities over whites and was asked what I had been doing in the 3½ years since I graduated from high school.  When I told him I had been in the military he said that changed things and test scores were once again a factor.  I had done better on the tests than most of their college-educated applicants and I got the job as a result of test scores.  If it hadn’t been for serving my country I would have been out in the cold due to skin color, reverse racism.

I don’t agree with any decision being made on a racial basis, either for or against anyone, but it happens.  I wouldn’t want to have been hired over a black man due to skin color but don’t want to be denied anything for the same reason.  Devilcrats have paid lip service to blacks for 60 years, but paying lip service is what liberals do; they have no intention of making things better for anyone but themselves.  Today blacks are being tossed aside for the new “underclass darlings” of the devilcrat party, illegal aliens and moslems.  When one looks at facts it is clear which political party is the party of racism.  The KKK was formed and continues to be driven by democrats, not republicans and conservatives as the devilcrats and their media propagandists claim.  The Jim Crow and segregation laws came from the same source.  The Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts were passed by veto-proof gop majorities and only signed by the very racist lyndon johnson because he knew his veto would be overturned and he saw an opportunity to use the propaganda arm of the party to claim the high ground.  A few months ago I told a black friend about this and when she did independent research she found out I was correct and she immediately changed her attitude about the matter.  Blacks have been victimized by racism but have been lied to as to the source.  It seems that Shaun King has realized the truth and is going after the true perpetrators of racism, the devilcrat party.

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