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by Sharon Rondeau

White House Press Secretary Kelleigh McEnany answers reporters’ questions during the daily press briefing, May 28, 2020 (Screenshot:  Fox Business)

(May 28, 2020) — During Thursday’s White House press briefing, a reporter pressed White House Press Secretary Kelleigh McEnany as to whether or not the Trump administration intends to order every American to be vaccinated against the coronavirus if and when a vaccine is made available.

Once McEnany made her opening remarks, she invited journalists’ questions, but the camera did not pivot in their direction.  The question arose at the 21:05 mark from a reporter McEnany addressed as “Paula.”

“On vaccines, in order to achieve ‘herd’ immunity, you need about 80% of people to get this vaccine.  Currently only about 50% of Americans say they’ll receive it, so will the administration make the vaccine mandatory?”

In response, McEnany made it clear that a vaccine is not yet available but the administration hopes that will change “by the end of the year.”  “Everything does not depend on a vaccine,” she added, invoking “therapeutics” and referring the reporter to HHS Secretary Alex Azar.

“…if you guys will make it mandatory, use your federal powers, how you’ll use them, potentially, to encourage people to get this vaccine, because if you don’t have herd immunity, elderly people, compromised folks, they may not be able to go about their business again,” the reporter pressed.

In response, McEnany said, “l would have to talk to the president; I haven’t talked to him about his views on making it mandatory or not, so I’d have to talk to him and get back to you on that.”



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  1. This is how America’s rulers and their media lackeys will shame Americans into taking the Wuhan virus vaccine once it’s available. The reporter is laying the groundwork to virtue shame those who refuse to take the shot by making them responsible for keeping the elderly and the people with health issues and compromised immune systems in their homes and from enjoying life. The face coverings/masks are the trial run; the main heat is the vaccine.

  2. I mailed a letter to President Trump on Tuesday asking that same question. I will give it a week or so before I post it for the public to read. I WILL NOT COMPLY with any order to get any vaccine or accept the microchip implant democommiecrats want done on every citizen. The microchip is the first step to the Mark of the Beast described in the Book of Revelation of the Holy Bible.

  3. Exactly, Hawaii H2O. No one talks about the vaccine court. Judges are specially trained to ajudicate the biomedical claims of harm. To date, the court has awarded over $4 billion, probably more.

    The fight over Dr. Judy Mikovits underscores the state of terror in which big pharma exists over the prospects of a woke population about vaccine safety issues. There is an inherent contradiction over defending the use of a product for many millions of people for something as complex as the immune system and the claim that it is safe.

  4. Choose your vaccines carefully. Remember years ago when we never thought of reading the ingredients on food? Why would we not want to be completely certain of the ingredients in a vaccine, or anything that goes into our bloodstream?

    Methinks the lady (Paula) doth protest too much!