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(May 24, 2020) — When you hear the words “social media,” the last thing you would ever think about is a personal injury lawyer, right? Of course not! When most people think of social media, the first few things that come to mind are “duck lips,” selfies, funny memes, and going live. The world wildly became obsessed with this virtual phenomenon in 2004 when this little thing called Facebook was launched… the rest is history.

Sure, there were some early predecessors like AOL, Yahoo chatrooms, and Myspace, so this obsession to the digital world has been around for quite some time. But where the obsession gets out of hand and downright disturbing is with these weird, gross, and extremely dangerous “challenges.” Some of the challenges are good, clean fun but some of the stunts have proven to be dangerous and have put many lives at risk.

And for what? Views and Likes?

There’s no denying the power of social media

Social Media Stats

It’s pretty safe to say that social media is an addiction for some people, and maybe even for yourself. How? Well, let’s take a moment to be transparent here… How many times have you hopped on social media and realize you’ve been on there for over an hour?

And remember, we’re being transparent here…

On average, social media users spend over two hours on social media per day, and that can be broken up by checking it multiple times a day. Facebook is the most utilized social media platform (68% of adults use it).

Because Facebook is the most utilized, let’s dig a little deeper. The Pew Research Center conducted a survey and found that over 70% of Facebook users access the platform daily and 51% of them stated that they check it multiple times throughout the day!

Those numbers are quite alarming if you think about it… What those stats are really saying is that there is a large percentage of people who are distracted much of their day… and that can be extremely dangerous.

So now you’re wondering how can social media be dangerous when all you’re doing is looking at pictures and videos? Well, here’s how…

Ways Social Media Can Be a Threat to Your Life and Others

Social media is fun and a great source of entertainment but it’s no reason to put your life and the lives of others at risk. That’s not saying to delete all your social media accounts, by any means, but it is important to recognize when to be entertained and when to leave it alone. Here’s how social media can be dangerous.

Distracted Driving: Using Social Media in Transit

At first, distracted driving was mainly due to texting and driving but it has since evolved into checking social media while driving. How many times have you pulled up to a stoplight and either seen someone looking down at their phones or you’ve been looking down at your phone? All the time, right.

What’s even scarier is that people actually check their social media while driving! You see distracted driving all the time on social media. Everything from beautiful videos of someone taking the “scenic route” on their road trip to people hopping out of a moving car to do some kind of trending dance.

Those videos might beautiful or entertaining, but it could be a real tragedy to be on the receiving end of injury from those videos.

Challenges: Using Social Media For Validation

Social media challenges have put so many lives at risk all for the sake of “likes”… What is this, high school again? The real question is why do people feel like they need the validation of others through life-threatening “challenges” to prove their worth? Well, the more gross, disgusting, or controversial the challenge is, the more likes it will get.

There have been challenges where people have gone around licking different things in public areas like bathrooms and restaurants. There’s a challenge to see who can hold their breath long enough to make themselves pass out… People are willing to put their life and health at risk all to “go viral.”

Negligence: How Social Media Can Distract and Cause Injury or Damage

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Remember how it’s so easy to think you’re on social media for a quick second and then realize you’ve been on social media for over an hour? Well, that same issue of losing track of time has caused people to not pay attention to where their children are (otherwise known as distracted parenting), it’s caused house fires, and it’s caused car accidents, of course.

Whether it’s damages to a person, place, or thing, you could be held responsible for negligence, all for the sake of “entertainment.”

When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

Social media may be a simple source of entertainment for lots of people but for those who’ve been impacted by the negligence of others using it at the wrong time, have every right to file a claim if an injury occurred.

If you are the victim of an injury due to someone else’s misuse of social media, contact a reputable personal injury attorney like Chad Stavley to represent you.

Whether the injury is big or small, the issue is serious, and the party that caused the injury needs to understand that there are indeed consequences to their actions, even if the act was unintentional.

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