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(Mar. 5, 2020) — People are always excited to see that they have received some likes or comments on their social media profile while the notification of having a new follower is one that fills social media users with a sense of excitement. This is because it is a sign that they are doing something right and that other people are taking notice of them. For many people who use social media, we only see these features for what they are: a view means someone has looked at your content, a like means someone appreciates what you have posted while getting a comment means that people are taking the time to respond in detail to your content or they are interested in starting a conversation with you. Additionally, getting more followers is a sign that other people want to know more about your profile and your content and have opted to sign up for regular updates. When you think about it this way, you may wonder why people are buying social media features from websites like this one here.

These features may all seem very straightforward and that there is not much going on there to analyse. However, if you peel back a layer and take a look inside, you will find that all these different features, and how they find their way to your account, are important. They are important because they help social networks get an idea of how popular your account is, how interested people are in it and how interested other people might be. This is important because social networks are able to position your profile in a certain way so that they can promote it to other social media users. The obvious benefit here is that your profile can be put in a shop window by the social network in question. All the different types of social media features contribute to placing your profile on the social media radar but some are more important than others.


Views concern the act of someone viewing your profile or a piece of content on it. Views are simple to get as they occur automatically when someone looks at your profile or a post; no additional action by the user in question is required. Views can be easy enough to come by but they don’t give any indication of whether the person appreciated the content or not. Because of this, while being useful, views are not considered as important as other types of interaction. That said, you can still purchase views to add to your profile. It is worth adding as many as you can in order to make an impression.


Likes are a step up from views. They don’t require much action from the user either but they do represent a clearly intended action on the part of the user: a like is a very obvious way of telling the social media world that you appreciate the content in question. This may be because you like it, you identify with the message, you support what it is trying to say or you sympathise with it, among countless others. The important thing is that a like represents a positive response and this is a good indicator of the popularity of the content. Much like views, if you want to purchase likes for your profile, the best approach is to add as many as you can.


Coming in above likes, you have comments. Comments come about when a social media user takes an extra bit of time to put into words the reaction that your content has elicited from them. As a result, you should be more appreciative when you get a comment as a lot more effort goes into them than views or likes. Comments tend to lead to more likes and comments so this means that they are a crucial cog in the social media features machine. Comments can also be used to tag other users and draw their attention to a particular post. If you happen to pay for comments to be added to your profile, it is recommended that you add one or two comments to a post as this will usually generate further interaction.


Followers tend to be the most sought-after social media feature. Followers are important because they are counted as part of the most influential statistic that a social media profile can have. The number of followers you have is the clearest indicator yet of the number of people who are interested in your profile and what you have to say. In addition to this, followers are also able to boost your profile’s popularity level by providing you with views, likes and comments. This makes them the perfect type of social media feature as they are, essentially, all the various types rolled in to one.

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