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May 13, 2020

Australian radio commentator Alan Jones, Wikimedia Commons, CC by 2.0

Dear Editor,

Retiring conservative Australian media commentator Alan Jones’s fearless intellect will be sadly missed!

Sure, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has had a few commendable moments (while having a baby while in office; surrounded by all the trappings and support only surpassed by royalty)!

However, as wonderful as New Zealand is, and as magnificent as our Kiwi ‘first cousins’ are, Jacinda Ardern can only strut her stuff in her typical “gush & blush” manner, because New Zealand lives under the umbrella of combined Australian and American military and economic shield!

Ardern’s gun laws were as lax as America’s despite Ardern being around politically for a long time!

Ardern has not followed up on the murky financial donations to her Deputy PM Winston Peters’s political party, upon which Ardern so desperately needs to stay in office herself!

Twice Ardern, on national Aussie TV when a guest in Australia, ended up red-faced when she tried to embarrass two Aussie PMs: firstly Malcolm Turnbull on Australia’s handling of illegal immigrants, and then Scott Morrison, on deporting Kiwi-born criminals back to NZ.

Finally, as the world’s first-giving-birth-while-in-office-female PM, Ardern betrayed the world’s women by her and her very own NZ Labour Party’s decidedly “non-#MeToo” handling of the very credible (as believed by female members of her own Labour Party) claims of sexual assault of a young female Labour volunteer by a very senior male Labour staffer (with the distressed young woman’s claims so badly handled the then-president of PM Ardern’s own party resigning)!

Thank you, Alan Jones, and yes, Alan….Aussie PM Scott Morrison has my permission to tell (in my eyes) “Fallen Angel” Ardern to “put a bloody, great big sock in it” whenever she again shoots her mouth off (against Australia or America)!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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