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by Bob Russell, ©2020


(May 12, 2020) — President Trump has been criticized for his response to the current corona “pandemic,” first for being “xenophobic” and “racist” for pointing out the truth that the virus originated in China, and taking action to stop its importation from China.  The scope and origination of the virus was covered up by both the Chinese communist government and the World Health Organization.  Then President Trump was criticized by democrats and their media propaganda machine for not doing enough nor responding soon enough.  Meanwhile, fuhrer obama did absolutely nothing in the face of two different outbreaks: the H1N1 (swine flu) in 2009 and the Ebola outbreak in 2014.  The propagandist media and the socialist democrats had nothing to say about the outbreaks of disease when obama was in office but have unfairly lambasted President Trump because they fear him, hate him, and seek to depose him.

The media has long been the propaganda arm of the New World Order globalists who inhabit the party of treason, generically called the democrat party.  President Trump took steps to mitigate the spread of corona, I believe, in hopes to both help stop the spread of the virus and to appease the leftists who seek to depose him.  I can only assume President Trump fails to see that appeasement never works.  The only way he is going to get them to back off is to totally surrender to their agenda of a global dictatorship with them in total control.

The leftists aren’t interested in truth or facts; they seek to impose their tyranny on We the People, but President Trump is standing in their way and trying to “drain the swamp” of people like pelosi, schumer, waters, schiff, feinstein, and the other corrupt democrats.  Sadly, most of the republicans hate him just as much because he isn’t one of them.  President Trump is one of We the People, filthy rich but still one of us, as he values liberty for citizens.  The gop establishment tried very hard to keep Trump from getting the nomination and just as hard to get the queen of corruption, hillary clinton, elected because they feared his swamp-draining would derail their New World Order plans as well.  The gop establishment wanted one of their own to get the nomination knowing citizens wouldn’t turn out to vote for a globalist and hillary would win and further their true agenda but Trump went to We the People with his plan and won an overwhelming victory despite widespread vote fraud by democrats.  The gop put mccain and romney up in 2008 and 2012 knowing conservatives could not vote for liberal traitors and that the clearly ineligible obama would win and implement their globalist agenda.  Fuhrer obama almost succeeded and hillary was expected to finish the job but Trump and We the People derailed their plan and the coup began.

I continue to pray daily that God will touch the hearts of citizens and draw them away from the satanic liberal agenda and bring them to Him so our nation can be saved from the destruction that is brought on by worship of false “gods.”  Secular humanism and Islam are an affront to Almighty God and He will not bless those who don’t honor Him.  I pray that people will turn away from their sin (2 Chronicles 7:14) and embrace Jesus Christ before it is too late to salvage America.

The scam of the severity of the coronavirus “pandemic” is designed to instill fear into citizens, blame President Trump for it, and usher in the New World Order dictatorship lusted for by leftists in our nation.  The corona isn’t any worse than the common flu and much less deadly than the darling death machine of the democrat party and their media propagandists, the abortion industry.  Abortion has been sold to liberal citizens as “a woman’s right to choose” whereas a woman having an unplanned baby and either keeping it or giving it up for adoption has been labeled as “immoral” by the leftists in the democrat party and their media propaganda allies.  According to God’s Word, the Holy Bible, a fetus is an unborn child of God, not “just a blob of tissue” as stated by the satanic left.

The anti-Trump forces are already laying the groundwork for their next attack on President Trump and liberty, saying there will be a resurgence of the “pandemic” if liberty is restored by opening businesses again.  States ruled over by democrats are the most repressive in the nation.  Michigan, ruled by the ultra-tyrannical governor whitmer, is suffering under unconstitutional stay-at-home edicts that provide for large fines and prison time for anyone violating her draconian tyranny.  The democrats desire to destroy our economy, sending money out of the country and putting hundreds of millions of dollars into their pockets and the pockets of their very wealthy donors.  Ivy League colleges, the richest of all upper-level education entities, have been given hundreds of millions of tax dollars, and relief for We the People has been blocked by the corrupt democrats until they got the graft money for themselves and their donors they demanded.  Unfortunately the establishment gop traitors went along with the graft payments rather than stand for taxpayers.

I submit this in the name of The Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Hawaii H2O, great comment……
    After reading your post, I almost decided never to write another comment.
    I am however, persistent. I have been leaving comments on various websites and contacting members of Congress, intensely, since what I refer to as “The Obama Fraud” allowed Barry to be sworn-in back in 2009. Long before Donald Trump my comments were an attempt to make others see what I believed was so clear……..that America was effectively given to the enemy when the fraud Obama was sworn-in. I quickly realized Congress was going to protect Obama……and why. Sill, whether I made a difference or not was not what was driving me, it was and still is trying to do something to help the survival of America……even if all it does is make me feel better about myself. The time spent was and is worth it to me, and this is still a big “maybe”……but perhaps President Trump does intend to reveal everything about Barry the usurper, whatever the consequences might be. I hope to still be here to celebrate……………

  2. The moment that I saw that the president’s first pardon was Joe Arpaio, was the moment that I realized he would, at some point, make this an order of business. I do believe that this has to be done in stages. It won’t be like in the movies, where one revelation fixes everything and everyone just snaps awake.

    Take, for instance, my post from last night…and, if you haven’t seen it, take a look at a previous lifetime of BO…when he was known as BS.


    While looking at this consider what it takes to get people who don’t trust politicians, which is most of the US, prior to BS’s election as BO. Many, because of a lack of exposure to objective news sources and information sources, suspended all of their reflexes of objection and BOUGHT in hook, line, and sinker…placing this “man” above even themselves and people in their families. They bought into all of his lies, because he seemed to give them something they think that they wanted.

    In the linked video above, take a look at how far you are asking them to go, ESPECIALLY in this world of EVERYTHING is a conspiracy THEORY.

    My take is that the president is an older guy…older than I am…and to me that means he’s got lots of experience in the world, and especially coming from the world that he has inhabited. He knows the psychological journey will be long for many people.

    I’m not talking about the leaders of the Dem party, the leaders in entertainment, and the like. Those will always be our enemies. I’m talking about friends who got caught up. And there are more than you think. I theorize that 95% of Americans over the age of thirty would be conservatives…if…they knew the truth of every accusation, every deceptively edited news segment, every policy, every piece of legislation, every transcript, every hearing, every investigation. But the lying on the left is complete, ceaseless, and bold; it is done in the faces of the people and done so unrepentingly. Plus, when there is a retraction, they never truly retract. They say one thing under oath and then swear to the opposite in the media.

    It’s going to take some time…and we’ll still have to fix all of the other damage that is being done, like Gates and Cuomo teaming up to “reimagine” education. Whatever they come up with needs to be stopped, and if it’s not stopped, it will be another disaster for the future, in addition to the disaster that the DOE has already perpetrated and No Child Left Behind, Common Core, etc.

    And while we’re on it, the destruction of the BO/BS illusion will be seen as a revolution to most the rest of the world. Most of the rest of the world doesn’t have any conservative news sources, much less any they would consider reputable. We are all conspiracy crackups in their minds. Add to that the fact that non-Americans don’t grow up as we do in the sense that there’s a lot of talk about egalitarianism in other countries, but that’s all just words…in the USA there is actually, or has actually been, a legacy of opportunity and the like…you don’t have that most other places.

    If I/you complain about a product here, no one takes it seriously. They don’t get that feedback loop between consumer and manufacturer. Here, I’m just a loud-mouth with serious issues. In the states, we take it for granted that you return items that are broken, or of poor quality. That’s not the case elsewhere.

    In the States, we conceptualize government as being OF the people FOR the people. And we EXPECT accountability. Here, you get reactivity, but not even an inkling of what accountability is. And the government is not of the people. It is OF the ruling class. See, they think that because the people in government are actually classified as humans, they are people, and that makes the government OF the people. Our definition is totally different.

    So, given all of the ways that we are seen differently in the rest of the world, even if…IF…in the USA, we can get a good portion of people seeing the truth of things, we’ll be surrounded by this sea of “deniers” in the form of other countries, because on some level they’ll see us as spoiled…expecting a form of government that has been seen as over-indulgent. Look at Hungary. All of Europe now despises them because they are “nationalists”…including Eastern Europe, where having a nation was seen as a step toward release from Soviet bondage. Now, they don’t care on a scale of 90 to 1.

    I’ve often thought what it would be like if the perpetrators were to be held to the highest account as traitors..the reaction of the rest of the world would (not their governments, per se) would be deafening. It boggles my mind how brainwashed one can be if they’ve grown up in former Soviet areas of the world. There is no real discernment. Tell someone here that wind and solar power are clean energies and they will buy that before it’s out of your mouth…regardless of the fact that you can look at these things and see that there is heavy manufacturing involved. SHOW THEM proof that there will be greater costs to it and less efficiency, greater environmental impact, and more and it will take fifteen definitive sources to convince them to look into it more.

    So, this whole uncovering of the deep dark secrets and the deep state needs to be eased into and executed with great skill.

  3. Excellent comments by Bob68 as usual. Yes indeed, it is FEAR of Donald Trump “going there”, i.e., going back and revisiting his active “birther” time frame questions about Obama’s life narrative and Obama’s forged identity documents — birth documents, draft registration card, and the use of stolen SSNs. Time will tell but with Obama’s name now clearly in play in the Michael Flynn escapade, i.e., ObamaGate, I do believe that Trump and team are grooming the country for major revelations about the conman, Marxist fraud Obama. The question in my mind is will it be before or after the election this November. Politically I would assume after. But if Barr and Durham have the complete and total goods on the fraud Obama, it might happen before. We are living through disturbing times. Time will tell if the anti-American, anti-constitutional cabal of Obama and crowd will be legally and criminally punished. For newbies to the history of the fraud Obama see: http://www.scribd.com/user/52640192/protectourliberty/lists

  4. Thank you Tom. I have noticed those going after Trump on longer use the word which worked well for them at one time. That is; calling anyone going after Obama a “birther” including Donald Trump. IMO this is not used because this is the last thing they want being discussed now. It is so obvious and yes, infuriating because even the “good guys” will not touch it. One other thing, I remember reading here at PostEmail approximately 1.5 years ago an article on Mike Zullo and a couple of others visiting the White House and giving an update on The Obama Fraud to, “high, high ranking officials”. It was said in the article that “everything will be revealed but it will take a long time because the American people have to be prepared for this news”. Looking back and trying to stay positive I can see that plan at work. Of course, after all these years I have to “see it to believe it’…..but I do trust and believe President Trump still intends to go there……Hope Springs Eternal”.

  5. Amen, Bob68. Well said and true. The next several months are going to be, shall we say, very interesting. Catastrophic might be a better word for it. I can’t figure out what is wrong with MANKIND. Don’t decency, respect, law and order equally applied to all, health of the world’s citizens, peace instead of war, etc, etc, exist anymore anywhere? So sad and so foreboding.

  6. IMO many Republicans are as much a part of the swamp as Democrats. Both parties failed to stop the ineligible, identity fraud con-artist Barack Hussein Obama from being sworn-in as America’s putative president in 2009. Both parties became complicit in allowing and/or assisting the biggest criminal act in American history. Obama’s usurpation effectively gave America’s government and her military to the enemy. That created built-in protection for Obama’s usurpation because they all violated their sworn oath to protect the Constitution…..as a minimum. The Globalist puppet Obama did the damage he was installed to do but the planned in 2008 after Obama cover of Hillary Clinton failed. That created the panic we have been watching for years as the many complicit in the Obama fraud protect Obama and others……. to protect themselves from the truth they fear the “birther” Donald Trump may still fully reveal and act on…which would reveal their complicity. When I step back from the constant “breaking news” and think about the years leading up to today the “hate” of Donald Trump solves itself…and my conclusion is they fear President Trump more than they hate him………it’s not the future of America that concerns them……it’s their personal future……….