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(Apr. 18, 2020) — In virtually every presidential campaign since the end of World War II – which ended some 75 years ago — one or the other of the candidates and/or their surrogates and supporters has claimed that “the upcoming general election will be the most important one in the country’s history,” or words of similar import.  In certain elections, this was closer to the truth than not.  In certain others, it was pure political hyperbole.  Against the backdrop of the unfolding chaos of the Wuhan/COVID-19 virus, this time the claim is neither far from the truth nor hyperbolic: it is heart-attack seriously true.

The electorate will soon be faced with the choice of (a) remaining a constitutional republic, or (b) careening down the path of socialist, collectivist, or even semi-fascist progressivism.  The existence of these choices, of course, assumes for the sake of argument that by November, the electorate will not have already been pre-disenfranchised by Democrat initiatives for “ballot harvesting,” universal “mail-in or online voting,” circumvention of the Electoral College or other fraudulent mechanisms such as giving ballots to illegal aliens.  Fortunately, federal law would prevent that last one…, assuming there is the will to enforce that law.

Make no mistake, valued P&E readers: these are the goals of many officeholder Democrats in Congress, in state governorships and municipal mayors’ offices.  To quote Obama acolyte Rahm Emanuel: “Never let a crisis go to waste,” and these Democrats – seizing upon and weaponizing the pandemic – are taking Emanuel’s advice to heart.

As proof of that objective, one need look no farther than the turbocharged hypocrisy of Democrat officeholders regarding their reaction to and treatment of President Trump in connection with the Wuhan/COVID-19 pandemic.  Leading that pack of political baboons is Speaker of the House Nancy (“I Left My Brain in San Crapcisco”) Pelosi.  She denigrates President Trump for having “delayed” his response to the spread of the virus here when he was one of the first – if not the first world leader – to ban incoming travel from China, saving countless Americans from contracting the disease.  And for those persons who thereafter returned here from China after the travel ban…, they were Americans, exempted from the ban, but subject to quarantine.

Meanwhile, after slandering Trump as “xenophobic,” Pelosi tweeted for people in her squalid sanctuary city to crowd into the municipality’s Chinatown, as there was, to her brain – it is inaccurate to ascribe to her a “mind,” since that would suggest cognitive capabilities – purportedly no danger from the virus.  When that advice proved fatal to many people, she deleted the tweet…, thus giving the President the opportunity to repost it just to keep the record straight.  Pelosi is arguably the most mendacious, sinister and treacherous person ever to have sullied the position of Speaker of the House since 1789… and that is saying a lot. 

Photo: Sharon Rondeau

At the state level, the Democrat governors of, for but two examples, Michigan and New Jersey drape themselves with phantom “executive order” edicts violating the constitutional rights of their residents, all in the purported name of “fighting the pandemic.”  Emulating Benito Mussolini, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer issues executive orders forbidding residents from purchasing crop seeds to grow their own food; from traveling to their own second homes; from congregating in churches; and from fishing from a motorboat.

And do not forget that Whitmer also decreed that, along with liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries and lottery ticket kiosks being classified as “essential businesses,” so too are abortion mills, because they are in her words “life sustaining.”  Only in the mind… sorry…, only in the brain of a liberal Democrat could the termination of a human life be characterized as “life sustaining” even if referring to the mother who has decided to abort.  Whitmer is a lunatic, and there are few things more dangerous in the world than lunatics with political power.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy proudly displayed his ignorance of the Constitution by claiming that justification for his executive order resulting in the arrest and charging of fifteen synagogue congregants was a task “above his pay grade” and that he “wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights” when imposing his edicts.  Ummmm…. when first assuming the office of governor, did he not take an oath to support and defend the Constitution?  This sort of police state reaction to the virus is reminiscent of the tactics of the Cold War Soviet Union, not America.

At the local level, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti urges residents to report on their neighbors if they see them violating his “stay-at-home” orders, adding that snitches would be “rewarded,” without defining what the reward would be.  Since cash-strapped L.A. might have difficulties coming up with monetary rewards for snitches, perhaps Garcetti could consider something like the civilian commendations and awards handed out in Nazi Germany during World War II.

Then there’s Errick Simmons, the Democrat mayor of Greenville, Mississippi, who ordered the ticketing of church congregants who attended a drive-thru service in their cars, with windows rolled up and listening to the pastor’s sermon on their car radios.  Facing two lawsuits and intervention by the U.S. Department of Justice, Simmons folded and rescinded the fines.  However, the problem is that the outrage occurred at all.

Each of the foregoing examples are but anecdotal evidence that, in addition to ridding the nation of the Wuhan/COVID-19 virus, with very few exceptions (e.g., Michigan State Representative Karen Whitsett), the vast majority of Democrat officeholders, from the Congress on down, should be booted out of office and thus, out of power.  They do not care about the good of the nation or the well-being of Americans.  Instead, they care only about expanding and solidifying their power, intoxicated by the idea that they can dictate to the masses how to live their lives, how to worship as they wish and what constitutional rights they will be permitted to retain…, if any.

StockSnap, Pixabay, License

In many ways, these Democrat officeholders answer the age-old question: why does a dog lick itself?  Answer: because it can.  Vote very carefully in November, because the fate of the nation as we have known it and as your children and grandchildren will come to know it in the future depends on it.  And yes, Virginia, I channeled the Founders on this point and they all agreed.  Unanimously.

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  1. Fine article, Joseph, in fine line with the level of journalistic care we have come to expect from The Post & Email 08-28-09- TODAY.

    I also noted ALESSANDRO Mussolini and Nancy Patricia D’ALESANDRO- Pelosi have similar names, similar ancestry and similar invisible thinking = socialism.

    Whereas, Benito was a rough macho fascist-to-dictator, Nancy is a cutesy gentler feminine fascist-to-dictator.

    I suspect that if Washington and Hamilton and Franklin and Abigail Adams and Sarah Jay could all fast-forward into today and stand by Nancy Pelosi, for just 1 precious hour before rewinding back to their resting places, THEY WOULD EACH LIKELY SLAP NANCY” fancy pants fascist” D’ALESANDRO-PELOSI SOUNDLY ACROSS THE FACE FOR HER WHOREABLE ATTEMPTS TO UNDO ALL THAT THE FOUNDING FATHERS RISKED AND STRUGGLED SO TIRELESSLY TO DO, WHICH WAS TO GIVE HUMANITY A GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING, NAMELY, THE U.S. CONSTITUTION OF 1789!

    REMEMBER 08-28-08 !