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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff abusing his power? Photo: Adam Schiff Facebbook

(Apr. 26, 2020) — The hypocrisy is stunning, but the insanity is far worse: Adam (“Bug-eyes”) Schiff, Chairman (for the time being) of the House Intelligence Committee claims that, because the effort to impeach and remove President Trump from office failed, thousands of Americans have died in the Wuhan/COVID-19 pandemic.  This piece of Democrat slime has the nerve to claim on MSNBC – where else? – that “[t]here are 50,000 Americans now who are dead in significant part because of his [i.e., purportedly, President Trump’s] incompetence, because of his inability to think beyond himself and put the country first.”

To label this statement a lie is to profoundly dilute the meaning of true lies.  While Schiff and his party’s congressional co-conspirators were first impeaching, then fumbling through one of the most comical and ineffective excuses for a “prosecution” of an impeachment “trial” since the founding of the nation, President Trump was intent upon waging a war against an “invisible enemy” that was threatening not only this country, but virtually all other civilized nations of the planet.

Great: so while the president goes to war on behalf of America, a bunch of yapping political Chihuahuas bark for his removal from office.  There are many colloquial words to describe politicians like these, but since The P&E adheres to higher linguistic standards than, say, the Gray Trollop, the WaPo or MSNBC, faithful readers will need to use their own imaginations.  Adam Schiff typifies the species of Deep State canine which the nation can no longer endure.  In his own right, he, along with House Speaker Pelosi and the chairmen of virtually all House committees, have become an infestation on the Congress.  Where is Orkin when you really them?

As for Schiff’s lament that President Trump was not convicted in the Senate, he and his cohorts have only themselves to blame: the presentation of their “case” to the Senate was beyond comical.  Think “obtuse;” “boring;” “blundering;” “amateurish;”… additional adjectives would merely be redundant.

If Schiff really believes that thousands of Americans have died because the response to the pandemic occurred under the current administration and that a different result would have occurred had President Trump been removed from office, he should look no farther than the nearest mirror to identify the person responsible to allowing him to remain in office.

Stated otherwise, because Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and the rest of the Keystone Kops “House Impeachment/Removal Trial Team” failed miserably to carry their burden of proof that President Trump should have been convicted and removed, ask yourself why they – instead of the president – should not be accused of having blood on their hands and be held ultimately responsible for America’s Wuhan-COVID-19 deaths?  Memo to Schiff: make sure brain is in gear before engaging mouth.

Moreover, Schiff conveniently ignores the fact that had President Trump been convicted in the Senate after a competently presented case for removal, the result would have been…, wait for it…, wait for it…: President Pence…. ummm…, the same guy that President Trump has appointed to head the administration’s Task Force to battle the virus and its spread.  To label Schiff a dunce is to denigrate all dunces.

At the end of the day, the real palliatives needed to cure that which presently ails the nation do not consist of drug cocktails like hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin or zinc.  Nor is an effective Wuhan/COVID-19 vaccine the needed “silver bullet.”  Instead, the sorely needed “cure” for the nation’s ailments will come on November 3, 2020 when the electorate has the opportunity to rid the nation of as many Democrat officeholders as possible.

Faithful P&E readers, let us all join hands – figuratively and six imaginary feet apart for the time being – and repeat together: “The Democrats in Congress, in governorships and in mayoral offices have forever forfeited any claim of right, competence or ability to govern a free people in a constitutional republic such as ours and, accordingly, they should be booted from office.”  There…, do you not feel better already?

One cannot wait to see the transfer of the House Speaker’s gavel from the Slug of San Crapcisco to Congressman Kevin McCarthy or whoever a Republican majority in the House selects in January, 2021.  Pelosi can then go back to her gated mansion and ice cream-loaded $24K freezer and Schiff can go back to driving for Uber… if he passes their room temperature IQ test….

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  1. Can’t help offering the following: In the process of reading the biography of Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of England in the 1800’s. Disraeli had demonstrated the impotence of the opposition to him. “He had revealed them to be … a selfish, exclusive, aristocratic clique whose pretensions to be the rightful leaders of the people were mere humbug.”

    Sounds just like the Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, et al, gang.