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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

andibreit, Pixabay, License

(Apr. 25, 2020) — Let us cut to the chase: the proposal by the Democrats to allow universal voting by mail-in ballots, along with its malignant appendage, “ballot harvesting,” is both stupid and dangerous.  The effort is now being led by Nancy (“let them eat Jeni’s”) Pelosi and comes in the form of her threat that the next Wuhan/COVID-19 “rescue” bill will include a “chunk” of money allocated to allowing everyone nationwide to vote by mail “to protect the integrity of our elections.”


Coming from the Slug of San Crapcisco, this is not a surprising comment.  But like all things emanating from slugs, this proposal is about as slimy and dumb as it gets.  Coming from the brain of Pelosi – not to be confused with a missing mind – allowing universal mail-in ballots, coupled of course with ballot harvesting and “same-day” voter registration and without iron-clad safeguards for voter identification and verification, is akin to government-sanctioned identity theft.  If voter “A” wants to cast a vote for candidate “X”, the final tally should reflect that choice, rather than that voter “A” voted for another person selected by the “harvester.”

Granted, there are good and sufficient reasons to allow for mail-in absentee ballots as, for example, for U.S. military personnel stationed around the world and/or persons confined to assisted living or nursing homes, but only under strict conditions to guard against the colossal potential for voter fraud.

Pelosi, of course, sees the possibility for election fraud to be an irresistible opportunity to leverage and further politicize the current Wuhan/COVID-19 pandemic.  Pelosi’s argument that physically going to a polling place to vote is now “too dangerous” is nonsense.  On the other hand, with a putative nominee for president who cannot even remember what office he is running for, voter and election fraud may be the Democrats’ last best hope for winning in November.

And for those who think voter fraud via mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting is not a problem, read thisThe Daily Signal, a product of the Heritage Foundation, points out that one of the more dangerous components of the Democrats’ identity theft initiative is the mechanism of ballot harvesting.  That practice – where political party operatives physically go to the residence of a person who has received a mail-in ballot and offers as a “service” to the person to collect the ballot and deliver it to the election officials – presents a golden opportunity for the ballots to either “get lost” (if cast for the “wrong” candidate); “get found” (if the races are close and the “right” candidate needs a few more votes);  or, in worst cases, be altered.

Furthermore, as for the argument that voter fraud is a rare and miniscule problem, the facts prove otherwise. Indeed, one of the most egregious examples of the perils of ballot harvesting comes from the experience in Orange County, California.

Orange County, CA, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

The county that nurtured Ronald Reagan’s conservatism was for many decades a Republican bastion.  But following California’s 2016 enactment of laws allowing ballot harvesting, things changed.  In 2016, out of six congressional districts, four were dominated by registered Republicans and only two by Democrats.  But due to ballot harvesting and California’s loose (i.e., phantom) election safeguards, by 2018, all six districts had turned blue.  As a result, California lost half – seven out of fourteen – of its Republican representatives in Congress in the 2018 election.  There are now zero Republican representatives in Congress from Orange County.  The shift was a direct result of the Democrats “finding” tens of thousands of harvested ballots favoring the Democrat candidate…, after election day.

To any rational observer, this should constitute the definition of fraud.  Once known as “The Golden State,” under Democrat rule and policy dictates it has become something quite different…, more like a gigantic porta-potty than a functioning state of the union.   There are now more people moving out of that state than relocating there as it continues drowning in a deepening cesspool of socialistic and progressive chaos.

The Orange County experience should be a wake-up call for people to understand the perils of unchecked mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting and plain old garden-variety voter fraud.  Pelosi’s proposals for mail-in ballots – coupled with Michelle Obama’s support of the ruse – is a recipe for disaster.

Do not be deceived, faithful P&E readers: Democrat politicians do not like you; they want to silence and subjugate you, then utilize tricks, artifices and devices to disenfranchise you wherever you live, nationwide.  Do not buy into the insanity of government-sanctioned identity theft and remember that while the harvesting of crops is laudable, the harvesting of ballots is perilous.  Just ask the few remaining conservatives in Orange County.

Correction:  The byline on this article was initially noted as “Contributor” when it should have been our longtime “contributor” and legal scholar, Joseph DeMaio.  The Editor therefore begs Mr. DeMaio’s forgiveness for her error.






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  1. Joseph DeMaio promotes the idea of voting every Democrat out of office because today’s “Democriminals” (my word) have lost any right to govern anywhere in our nation.

    I agree with Joseph DeMaio, based on my daily review of Democriminal behavior since 2013 (when I retired and stepped-off the all-consuming treadmills of commerce).

    I am a “Constitutionalist” and believe in the intended virtues of The U.S. Constitution that is a gift that keeps on giving to humanity, albeit, a gift created by flawed sinners known as The Founding Fathers. https://www.harpercollins.com/9780062880154/franklin-and-washington/

    The Democriminals, on the other hand, appear to behave like “prostitutionalists”, led by The Whoreable Nancy Pelosi, wherein, today’s Democriminal assembly of flawed sinners do not seem to cherish the virtues proposed by The Founding Fathers in 1789, rather, they often mock and contest those virtues in order to pursue their own selfish objectives..

    The U.S. Constitution: not perfect but perfect enough.

    And since the only thing humans seem to do perfectly in Life is death, the less-than-perfect U.S. Constitution is acceptable to follow, or amend, but is not to be undermined by Nutty Nancy and her ill ilk (REMEMBER 08-28-08: the day Nutty Nancy abandoned the U.S. Constitution’s “natural born Citizen” clause cause of 1789 to, instead, forge the nomination papers of Fake presIDent Soetoro-Obama II).

    The Democriminals seem to cherish the “value system” of communism, fascism and socialism, and today, Nutty Nancy is leading the forced acceptance of a brand new related “ism” being, COVIDISM, wherein she demands stay-at-home imprisonment of regular working folks for as long as possible while releasing criminals from the nation’s “infectious” prisons to loot and terrorize those same regular not-working working folks!

    Nutty Nancy’s Democriminal lieutenants, like Numbskull Emeritas Alexandria Occasional-Cortex, another COVIDISM activist, actually encourages folks to refuse to go back to work after the Asian Invasion (coronovirus) passes through! Huh? How will such silly no-work ideals ever work?