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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

Photo of Abraham Lincoln by Alexander Gardner, November 8, 1863 , public domain

(Apr. 23, 2020) — The adage that “a house divided against itself cannot stand” is found in many places, originating in the Bible and carried forward over the millennia into, among other regions, politics and presidential speeches.  It is often repeated here at The P&E as well.

The truth of the saying is becoming more apparent with each passing day as the United States is hobbled not only by the pathogens of the Wuhan/COVID-19 virus, but by those who would counsel that “handshakes should become a thing of the past”; by the “stay-at-home” edicts of state governors which are dictated to remain in place indefinitely until the “projection model curves flatten”; and by the CDC “recommendation” that everyone should wear a mask in public.

The governmental policy decisions which have been driven by pandemic damage “projections” which have over and over – not to mention repeatedly – been proven dramatically wrong have taken the nation down a path reminiscent of the Vietnam War: “In order to save the village, we must first destroy the village.”  Not good…, and moving toward insanity.

Speaking of insanity, now we have “squad” member Representative Ayanna Pressley (D. MA) accusing President Trump of committing acts “akin to war crimes” for his purported “mishandling” of the pandemic crisis.  Pressley needs to take a nap…, a long nap.  She is an unhinged, radical Democrat who, like virtually all other Democrats in Congress, has forfeited any claim or right, competence or ability to govern a free people in a constitutional republic like the United States.  She needs to go.

Turning to specifics, the nature and extent of a president’s powers and authority to issue executive orders has been addressed at the federal level by the Congressional Research Service (“CRS”), including a discussion of the issue in the context of Supreme Court precedent.  In particular, the CRS analysis of the Supreme Court’s decisions in Youngstown Sheet & Tube v. Sawyer (President Truman executive order seizing steel mills during the Korean War) and Korematsu v. United States (President Roosevelt executive order requiring the relocation and internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II) is good…, and much better than certain other CRS reports.

On the other hand, the extent of a particular state governor’s executive order authority is less than clear.  During the current pandemic, many state governors – chiefly but not exclusively Democrats – have issued executive orders which are, in reality, closer to unconstitutional, due-process-trashing orders of incarceration than anything else.  Ummm… where is the ACLU on this issue?

The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution provides, among other things, that no person shall be deprived of “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law….” (Emphasis added).  New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s claim that consideration of the constitutional rights of that state’s residents was “not something he considered” when he released his edict because that would have required analysis, in his flippant words, “above my pay grade” typifies many Democrat Governors’ panoptic, expansive view of executive orders.  Perhaps that is why U.S. Attorney General William Barr has noted that people like Murphy should tread lightly, as his actions come “disturbingly close to house arrest.”  Involuntary house arrest without a trial, much less a verdict after a trial, is unconstitutional.

If ever there were a period in the history of the nation where unity of purpose rather than political gain was needed, it is now.  And yet the Democrats in Congress have – once again and, regrettably, unsurprisingly – cast unity and the good of the nation to the side of the road in favor of continuing their efforts to ensure that they “don’t let this crisis go to waste.”


Moreover, while small businesses close and millions of Americans lose their jobs and suffer, Democrat slugs such as House Speaker Pelosi gush that she doesn’t “know what she would have done if ice cream were not [sic] invented.”  She is one… sick… slimy slug.

Apart from her poor grammar, that one clip has plainly earned her the title of San Crapcisco’s “Nancy Antoinette.”  Capitalizing on her arrogance and palpable disdain for “ordinary” Americans, the RNC has produced perhaps the most devastating video indictment of Pelosi – and by extension, all Democrats in the House of Representatives who elected her Speaker – yet crafted in the 2020 campaign.

This ad is the only one any patriotic American needs to watch in order to decide in November – correctly – to boot virtually every Democrat up for election or re-election in Congress… out of Congress.  One of the best ways to complete the draining of the swamp and ridding it of the Deep State vermin inhabiting it is to start with ridding the Congress of virtually every Democrat now serving.  They are the Deep State’s enablers and apologists.

To state the obvious, the Deep State consists of those Obama- (and prior) era Washington, D.C. elitists who have occupied positions of governmental power for so long that they have completely forgotten what it is to be an American; forgotten what the Founders intended when they created the Constitution; and forgotten what the rule of law really is.  Think James Comey.  Think Peter Strozk.  Think John Brennan.  Think Hillary Clinton.

The Deep State will never…, repeat, never accept President Trump as the legitimate winner of the 2016 election.  Accordingly, it will do all within its power to destroy him.  Furthermore, it will never forgive the unwashed, WalMart masses – oh, and a whole bunch of others – for electing him president.  So while Nancy Antoinette tells small business to “eat ice cream,” the Democrats tell the electorate to “eat §&%#.”

The Deep State, of course, has a strong ally in another Trump Derangement Syndrome entity: the mainstream media, including CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, the Gray Trollop and The Washington Post…, which last entity dwells in darkness…, if you will allow the irony.  Let us call this cabal of counterfeit “journalists” by their true name: the standard-bearers of the “Deep Hate,” because that is the only sentiment they harbor with regard to President Trump.

Their hatred is so refined and undiluted that, like staring into the sun, it has blinded them to the reality that, as a consequence of their actions to support the Democrats in Congress by undermining his efforts to combat Wuhan/COVID-19, we now have over 22 million more Americans unemployed than a mere four weeks ago.

StockSnap, Pixabay, License

And as for the efforts to re-open in phases the economy in less-impacted geographic areas, remember: the opening of restaurants, theaters and sporting events depends not only on governmental policies allowing it…, but it also depends on an equally important component: customers.  With forecasters predicting mid-summer 2020 unemployment totals approaching 30 million individuals and a national overall unemployment rate of 14% and perhaps more, ask yourself this: would a family receiving only unemployment benefits prefer to spend $20 on (a) a whole week’s worth of cereal and milk at the grocery store, or (b) a one-shot dinner at McDonald’s?

Stated otherwise, in order to repair and save the divided house in which we now live, the “shovel-ready” task facing Americans once the pandemic is brought under control will be to vote each and every Democrat up for election or re-election in November – including in state governorships – out of office.  Because if that housecleaning is not done then, just think of what the next pandemic will bring in terms of home incarcerations, confiscations of property and similar unconstitutional edicts.  Then, the house will not be simply divided; it will be demolished.

By analogy, the Democrats are the wrecking ball; the electorate is the team with the cutting torch to send the ball to the ground…, maybe squishing some slugs in the process…. hey…, collateral damage happens….

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