A Leader Who Can Put the Energizer Bunny to Shame


April 3, 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Nobody’s perfect, okay?  And certainly not President Trump.  He was elected because many folks simply looked at the alternative and decided to either stay home rather than go to the polls or to give the rank outsider a shot, despite his well-publicized earlier lapses.  Be that as it may, it is hard to imagine any other man in his 70s or even 50s or 60s with the stamina, drive, and great instincts of Donald Trump.  He is the Energizer Bunny on steroids.

We now find ourselves and most of the rest of the world in the midst of horrific public health courtesy of the Communist regime in China which failed to notify the world about this deathly virus and thus enabled it to spread around the globe.  As soon as they learned of it, the White House assembled a team and a task force of our best and brightest medical and immunology experts to provide advice and help establish policy.  Some can quibble about the timing, but clearly, Trump acted boldly and effectively in closing off travel to and from China, and later, as evidence of its widespread infection, travel to Europe as well.  Meanwhile, the DNC and its media mouthpieces claimed that Trump’s actions were “racist” (there’s that word again) and also “racist” when referring to the virus by its origin in China and the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Trump’s daily Corona Virus updates are a tour de force and the ultimate in transparency.  They prove again (as if any proof were required) that Trump puts the well-being of Americans first and foremost.  Well-being involves not only physical health but economic security and mental health as well.  He and Mike Pence show that they are in control and totally on top of the virus and control and remediation efforts.  The daily briefings, with all questions being answered (except the “gotcha” type from the usual suspects at CNN and NBC), demonstrate that Trump and his team are on top of the full range of issues that confront our nation. These presentations run on for an hour and longer and serve to correctly inform and reassure an anxious populace.  Yes, the president could flip open a copy of Roget’s and find some new descriptors, but hey, his is straight talk that everyone can understand and should heed.

And, of course, as one has come to expect, the success of these informative and timely updates drives the left and its media friends crazy, so they are insisting that the briefings not be televised.  Because they are being watched by the public, the White House “reporters” can’t write their usual distortions of reality into their coverage.  And, these daily presentations might convince voters that Trump is not only totally up to the job, but that he and his team should be granted another four years, come November.

But, ah, the left-side isn’t done yet.  They think they hold a winning hand by unleashing yet another “investigation” (AKA witch hunt), this time into the handling of the virus crisis.  Want to guess what they will find?  They’ve already got some of their folks and media “helpers” talking about “…blood on his hands…”    The Mueller nonsense, the impeachment travesty, and now THIS?  They have no shame and no limit to their hatred and vitriol.

And, forgive me for harking back to an earlier missive, but all of these endless “investigations” not only paralyze the Congress from dong the people’s work, but also operate under the egregious assumption that somehow, Hillary Clinton was robbed of “her” presidency and would have been far better for our nation because of the marvelous way she “handled” Benghazi, her official emails, and the destruction of all records and the hard drives of the devices that kept them—even as they were under subpoena—oh, and let’s not forget the tens of millions from foreign interests that poured into the Clinton “Foundation” that dried up immediately on her departure as head of the State Department… “Nothin’ to see here folks, keep moving on…”  The law would never touch her, but at least a Democrat-controlled House wouldn’t be conducting endless, pointless, time-consuming investigations.

About this latest Pelosi-Schiff gambit – they intend to force the very folks who are working day and night through holidays and weekends to stem the tide and reverse the deadly effects of this pandemic virus to come and “testify” before their kangaroo court.  Of course, those called upon would have to “lawyer-up” at great personal expense and take precious time away from winning this war against the invisible enemy.  The cost of lawyering up forced a heroic, decorated and respected Army lieutenant general to plead guilty to a non-lie so as to save his family from ruin.  Yeah, that’s right:  Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn.  Thanks, Nancy.  Thanks, Chucky.  Thanks, NBC, CBS. ABC, the WaPo and the Times.  Great work!  And all of this and more await Dr. Fauci, Deborah, Mike Pence, and all the rest of the team.

Please join me in crying “Foul,” “Cease and desist,” “Enough already, enough!” and “We’ve had it!”

Old Frank

4 Responses to "A Leader Who Can Put the Energizer Bunny to Shame"

  1. Jeffrey Harrison   Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 1:50 PM

    At a time like this, who better than to have Trump at the helm? Like Ronald Reagan at the time I too saw that the “Demorat Party” some years ago was going too extreme. This is when the Tea Party came out and I too switched to the Republican Party and Joined the Tea Party. Up until then I had been busy serving on active duty in the Marines. Here for eight years my time and energy was focused on my military duties and I felt “things at hand” were going ok in politics. Wrong! After military service, this time is when I joined the Tea Party and became active in politics, and educated of current events…, especially in politics and the Constitution.

    Fast forward to today, I have become aware that both our major parties have strayed from the
    Constitution and upholding their sworn oath to the country. Otherwise, Usurper Obama would never have gotten into the Office of Presidency. Both these parties were complicit and have become “The Deep State”. Years ago, thanks to Martha Trowbridge she informed me of TDS. And she had stated to have had a class with Obama and what he was like then. She stated to me that he was timid and a loner in class. Too me, he was “planted”, perhaps
    one of a few.

    As I watch and listen to the Fake Lame “Extreme” Stream News, all I ask is they return to the
    facts and truth. Moreover, on Trump’s next election, take nothing for granted. All hands on
    deck, and “get out the vote”. Let’s all get off the couch.

  2. Bob Russell   Saturday, April 4, 2020 at 5:58 PM

    I wasn’t a Trump fan at first but his demeanor, willingness to stand up to the deep staters in the gop, and the lack of good gop candidates turned me around. The more hate of him by the deep state and his obvious love of America, the Constitution, and We the People has only strengthened my support. The only thing I don’t like is him declaring the coronavirus a national emergency because it gives the deep state an excuse to nullify the Constitution and work on their global dictatorship plans. I will vote for Trump again in November.

  3. Bob68   Saturday, April 4, 2020 at 4:27 PM

    Thanks Marlene, I was totally for Donald Trump the minute he announced his candidacy because any of the other Republicans meant nothing more than a “normal” uniparty change of presidents. I also believed Trump was the only person who could defeat Hillary. Hillary was the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover for the intended massive corruption and “fundamental change” of the Globalist/Deep State puppet Obama and his regime. Hillary’s first choice was to be elected president in 2008 and she had announced she had proof of Obama’s ineligibility and was going to show that proof. That woke up Soros, Obama and others who I believe told Hillary in a meeting they quickly called with her that she had an offer she had better not refuse. That “offer” was to drop out of the 2008 Dem primary she could still have won and be Secretary of State in Obama’s fake presidency…and the after Obama cover president. There is IMO no way Hillary would have dropped out of her lifelong dream of being president when she could still have won, unless she believed she would not live a long life if she refused the offer.
    As I said, no other Republican had a chance of winning in 2016; Hillary was absolutely required to cover for Obama’s ineligibility and identity fraud and the planned damage done by Obama and his puppet-masters during his 8 years as America’s putative president and commander-in-chief. This was cover for both political parties who did nothing to stop Obama’s usurpation, and for the Obama worshiping media.
    The hate you see of President Trump in mostly fear of the truth about Barry being fully revealed and acted on, completely revealing the biggest criminal act against American citizens and her Constitution in history,….the installation of Barack Hussein Obama as America’s putative president and its still on-going and panicked cover-up………………..

  4. marlene   Saturday, April 4, 2020 at 10:46 AM

    Don’t you ever presume to speak for me! I chose Donald Trump because I already knew he’d do a better job than ANY Democrat of RINO running against him. I’d done enough research on him to trust his love of country and his ability to run a big business, which the US is. I also knew he had a lot to learn but that he was a fast learner. And sure surprised a lot of people, including you. But he didn’t surprise me. So don’t lump us into that one size fits all lazy American bowl of those who just didn’t want hillary. Just as many didn’t want any Democrat. And just as many didn’t wan lyin’ Ted Cruz or Ben Carson, for the schemers they were exposed as.

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