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by John Porter, ©2020

RMS Titanic, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

(Apr. 2, 2020) — Ladies and gentlemen, friends and neighbors, I have learned through the years (81 of them) that most of the battles of life are won by looking beyond the clouds to the sun and having the patience to wait for the day when the sun comes out and the clouds float away. One thing never changes. It remains the same forever. God truly loves his children and He will forsake them never.

There are so many people who want to use this scourge on mankind to make political points; I mean even locally here in Harrison. I’ve had people call me with some of the most disgusting statements, and now it was revealed this morning that Adam Schiff is calling for a commission to investigate President Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Why in this world can’t we lay aside that kind of stuff until this war is won and stand side by side in a unified effort to defeat and destroy this silent Hitler trying to eliminate the human race?

This ugly evil is not choosing between political parties or ideologies, male or female, short or tall, fat or lean, black or white, and now with the news this morning of an infant dying with it we can say young or old. I’m reminded of the scene in “Titanic” when a lifeboat full of people, all with different stations in life; some poor, some wealthy; some mean, some kind; different sizes and ages, all realized they were in the same boat fighting for survival from the frigid ice-filled waters of the Atlantic.

WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT. Please let us stay calm and civil and keep our eyes and attention focused on the common enemy known as the Corona Virus. Right here and now, let us all pledge our resolve to look beyond the clouds to the sun and have patience to wait for the day when the sun comes out and the clouds float away. Everyone please stay safe and observe those things which have been asked of us. If WE ALL STAND TALL TOGETHER THE SUN WILL RETURN…..Thank you and I remain your obedient servant……

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