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(Mar. 12, 2020) — Whether you operate an eCommerce store or handle SEO for your clients, link building and guest posting are indispensable for successful results. However, a common problem that most people face is to choose the right package and service to meet their goals.

Nevertheless, this guide will take you through the necessary steps that you can take to choose the agency and drive measurable results to your website.

Step#1 Start with listing out your objectives

This is the most crucial step, as your objectives would decide what companies you should be looking to. For instance, if driving referral traffic is your primary objective, then just any agency would do. Whereas, if you aim at higher goals, such as gaining brand exposure, driving sales and more, it is best to choose a link building company that specializes in certain types of link building practices. In short, a company that offers links from PBNs should not be on your priority list.

Step#2 Ask your friends and business contacts for reference

Once you have clarity about your objectives, the next obvious step is to match the agencies that can meet them. And to help you with that, you can seek help from your friends, relatives, and business connections. Often the suggestions from references are pretty much excellent and end your hunt almost instantaneously. But, in case you still feel the need to search more, you can explore your options with Google.

Step#3 Make it a point to learn about their customer relations

Even if you decide to give someone’s recommendations a chance, it is imperative to assess the customer response of the agency. For instance, no matter how renowned or well-appreciated a company is, if they are not good with their customers, they may not be worth working with. For this purpose, you can ask your prospective link building packages seller to share their portfolio and help you connect with their previous customers. This would help clear the doubts and also ensure that they are good at the services they offer.

Step#4 Skim out the options that fit within your needs and budget

Once you have the list of trustworthy and reliable link building agencies with you, the next step should be to match them with your needs, not in the sense of your objectives but the minute KPIs that you wish to measure for your digital marketing efforts. A good decision could be to skim the ones that offer a wide variety of metrics and services.

Step#5 Place a trial order to ascertain that your choice is worthy

Often, there are chances of being duped by fishy link building companies. Simply put, pranksters and imposters often act supportive and skilled to secure business opportunities. A smart way to avoid being duped is to place a trial order with the company you wish to hire. This could help you ensure that they are competent enough to escalate your marketing efforts and drive competitive results to your website, or those of your clients.

To sum it up, hiring a link building agency is a lot easier said than done. However, being cautious can save you a lot of time and money as well, along with ensuring a beneficial partner for your business for the long term.

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