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(Mar. 3, 2020) — Do you want to keep abreast of the latest news? All the detailed plans of today’s matches, as well as football results yesterday are available to fans on the website of sports statistics.

One of the main intrigues of the end of the current season is the struggle for a place in the top-4 in the EPL. Tottenham Hotspur claims it, but the results of the club are still difficult to call stable. On the one hand, the team can defeat giants like Manchester City, and on the other, it often loses points in games against middling clubs and outsiders of the championship. As a result, after two-thirds of the distance, the Spurs are not in the Champions League zone.

However, if we look at their yesterday’s football results, the situation is not so bad. Now Mourinho’s team has a very clear chance of finishing in the top-4. If this can be achieved, then the season can not be called failed.

However, there are many obstacles to achieving this goal. First of all, this is Harry Kane’s injury. Because of this, Mourinho is forced to bet in an attack exclusively on Son, as well as his other midfielders.

Will Tottenham FC manage to finish in top-4?

Of course, if it were not for the frank failures of many direct competitors, the Spurs would probably not have claimed a place in the Champions League zone. However, the unsuccessful performances of Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal leave the team chances of getting into the Champions League for the next season. However, even without this, Tottenham FC has many trump cards that can help them to do this. In particular, among them are:

  1. Well-played lineup. It was formed under the leadership of Pochettino. Now Mourinho is gradually starting to make his own adjustments, but they don’t spoil the overall performance.
  2. Strong leaders. The Spurs have cool players in all parts of the field. Son, Lloris, Toby, Dele – this is not a complete list of the team’s stars who are able to decide the fate of any match in favour of their club.
  3. Motivation. Tottenham players are used to constantly playing in the Champions League, so the finish in top-4 is a must for them. Mourinho is incredibly motivated, as for him the position of head coach at the London club is perhaps the last chance to prove that he is still a great specialist.

If Tottenham FC is able to stabilise its results, then the team will be quite capable of improving its current position. However, there is very little time for this, so they need to start acting now. You can always follow the outcomes of matches of this team on the website of sports statistics, which presents only the latest information.

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