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(Jan. 21, 2020) — OK, now that the first phase of the “D.C. Follies” – also known as the Senate “trial” on the articles of impeachment against President Trump concocted by the House of Representatives – is under way, there will be thousands if not scores of thousands of “tweets,” “likes” and “posts” like this commenting on the proceedings.

One of the more spectacularly hypocritical statements coming out of today’s proceeding emanated from House Impeachment Manager Zoe Lofgren (D. CA).  Her assignment, apparently, was to fortify the Democrats’ case for going beyond the articles of impeachment by opening up the proceedings to additional witnesses and, interestingly, yet more “documents.”

Apart from the fact that this is akin to a prosecutor going to trial seeking a conviction for arson after the defendant has been indicted for bank robbery, Lofgren’s remarks about the “critical” and “crucial” need for more documents is stupendously hypocritical.  Specifically, Lofgren tried to support her argument for more documents by claiming…. wait for it… wait for it… that “documents don’t lie.”

Whoa… seriously?  From a Democrat?

Lofgren, being a member of the Party of Intellectual Termites (“PIT”) – and with apologies for slandering all genuine termites – has seemingly forgotten, or more likely intentionally dismissed, the fact that many documents do, in fact, lie.  Moreover, many are intentionally structured to lie.  Perhaps the ultimate proof of that lies in that which has been addressed here at The P&E for over a decade: the 99.99% certain fraudulent birth certificate of one Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

As comprehensively and repeatedly noted here; here; here and here, a Mount Everest of empirical factual evidence exists that the “image” of a purported “original Hawaiian birth certificate” of Mr. Obama posted on the Internet is, in fact, fraudulent.  Stated otherwise, it memorializes and perpetuates a lie, i.e., that Mr. Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and was therefore eligible to the presidency as a “natural born Citizen” under Art. 2, § 1, Cl. 5 of the Constitution.  Not so.

Moreover, staying with the “documents don’t lie” narrative deployed by Lofgren today, certain other documents issued by the Congressional Research Service (“CRS”) on the “natural born Citizen” eligibility issue also come very close to falling into the categories of “lies” or “fraudulent documents.”  The reasons for that conclusion are found, among other places, here; here; and here.

Accordingly, when Lofgren asserts that “documents don’t lie,” she should be reminded of the foregoing examples which plainly contradict that contention.  On second thought, PIT members do not care about any factual evidence which undercuts their narrative.  They deflect and just move on.  Yet another reason to vote out of office every single Democrat up for reelection next November.

With their hypocrisy and one-size-fits-all “Orange Man Bad” blinders firmly affixed, the PIT is once again demonstrating in the Senate exactly why they have forfeited any claim of right, acumen or competency to govern a free people in a constitutional republic such as the United States of America.

Microwave some more popcorn.  Chug another Diet Coke.  Vote GOP in November.

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  1. What strikes me is that for some reason, they could not seem to do the proper work to forge this STUFF.

    All of this was in the works, obviously. You’d have no doubt what you needed to provide in order to get it done and for it to look right. I could do it. They ignored it. Why? Lack of funds? No time? No way. I mean, a real document is one thing…but all they were providing was a scan.

    Without overstating the obvious, that has to be with a purpose. I agree these people need to be held accountable, and there’s a trail that we can trace to get them, eventually.

    Right now, however, I’m sorry to have to reiterate and even mention, we have children that are being taught that they must not identify as the persuasion into which they have been born; that it’s fine to have men who wish to be women, reading them stories and “histories” of other men who wish(ed) to be women (nothing against women), and REAL women are allowing this to happen, in libraries across the country, and to top it off: I’m probably alone on this, but I don’t think that Brad and Jen will ever get back together. I believe that BO and Omar-Tlaib, et al love that they have us in such a frenzy about this BC, our collective blood boiling for the commission of this crime, while they continue committing crimes against us by organizing the education of our children in such a way that it will be impossible to reason with them when the fan hits the […], as it were.

    It is fabulously important to get the documentation issue out there. It needs to be proven to everyone.

    What also needs to be done is NPV needs to be shut down; crime needs to NOT go unpunished; universities need to stop churning out socialist ideologues–who will eventually be sorry, if they get “their” will; mainstream media needs to be widely exposed constantly; Brad and Jen need to…alright, enough; et-effing-cetera. I’ve written to Judicial Watch a number of times, congressmen, whoever seems to care, and placed comments everywhere–which is a lot of work for very little return. We need to find little work for lots of return.

    I wrote to PragerU, because they make some informative videos. The only problem is, they end up preaching to the choir…which is not the worst thing. Educating everyone is the goal, but we also need to have videos that catch the attention of the people who don’t want to watch, initially…hook them and throw in the seeds of understanding; you might call this manipulation, I call it saving them from themselves–and saving us from them. I’m no master persuader, but someone is. Get on it, if you are that person. Ask me for help…or whatever.

    I’ve read that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson each had Korans (correct me if I’m wrong, like if you’ve read the Smithsonian website on the topic, or don’t correct me), which they read in order to understand the fervor of the Barbary Pirates. I’ve also read quite a bit of the Koran (and this spelling suffices for me), as well as a lot of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, which he dedicates to Lucifer…this book is useful for understanding the complete strategy that is being played out in front of our eyes.

    I’m sure that others have dipped into the well and done the same. The issue, the point, is that we need to be focused on the most pressing issues, and understand that they’ll throw other issues out there..all the time. I mean, CFL light bulbs! What a catastrophe; if you break one…move! But so be it. We are being tested.

    Agreed, keep someone on getting more compelling, overwhelming evidence on the documents. But let’s save our kids from the rest of the fallout. We can agree that we need to make sure that this president gets the the vote in 2020. That might be number one. But what is number one to insure that he does?

    Judicial Watch set out to clean up voter rolls and have filed suits, but when will all that be done at the effective level? Inconclusive. How do we make sure that the vote is OVERWHELMINGLY what we need? At the same time, other things cannot be ignored. And in doing all of this, we have to find ways to keep the other side from using their knowledge of our activities and motivation to drum up more support. Because it’s impossible that they wouldn’t discover the whole thing.

    So, I do urge great strategists, that might read this, to read Rules for Radicals. I’m sure that there must be someone in DT’s circle who is tasked with strategies such as this, but can we be sure? I guess I’m not alone in realizing that republicans do things above board quite often. We take pride in that. But DT has said it, and we all know it, Dems fight dirtier. We need to fight a little dirtier, don’t we? Or “dirtier”, if you prefer. Definitely more effectively and somewhat organizedly.

    I really am urging, with real urgency, that we find a way to get key issues solved. We’ve all seen the Monty Python LIFE OF BRIAN scene where they sit and talk about how talking doesn’t get anything done. It’s, of course, true, but you do need to talk to get to the point where you know what to do, then do it…and make sure that it works. We need to turn all of these socialists away from it. Easier said than done…I know. But I’m still working, in my ways, to do it. I have lived in socialist countries. I lived in the Soviet Union for two years…and now, for the past ten, have lived in a post Soviet country…and believe me, it’s just as socialist now as it was, without all of the superficial “warm-fuzzies” usually associated with Eastern European socialist regimes. But under the hood, it has not changed. They don’t know what the big deal is…this “capitalism”. That’s because they have never seen capitalism. Private people here own businesses…done…definition met.

    Thing is, actually, they don’t own the businesses. The laws actually are so flexible, there’s no guarantee of anything. And the businesses I see, not one is being run by someone you can meet; if it is, it fails and the person loses their shirt. If it survives, it’s because it’s being propped up by favors of some sort. And if you want to start a business, if you are native it takes ten times longer than if you are a foreigner, like Chinese–who are flooding these countries…in fulfillment of a Soviet prophecy to turn Europe yellow. Perhaps someone has heard of this.

    All that said, I KNOW that none of the yahoos in the USA who think they want to be socialist could hack it. I know that for a fact. Put them where I am, they’ll be suicidal in months. What happens here you wouldn’t believe. Ukraine? I’ve got friends with family in Ukraine, I walk down the street I see Ukraine license plates at the local money laundering facility. I can be in a conversation in ten minutes with a criminal driving a Hummer like a rocketship. I’ve seen three Ferraris in my life. Two of them here, and I lived in NYC for ten years.

    The president and money to Ukraine? When I tell people here the full truth about what happened, most think DT was spot on. They all know that money comes to these places is not going to these places. They know that’s a payoff. There’s an interest of some kind being served by the aid that is not what it seems. And the money that Hunter was making..this part of the world…that’s impossible for these people to fathom. Come here, you’ll see expensive cars and people wearing good clothes, etc. But live here with them for an extended period and you’ll find that a good salary amounts to ten thousand Euros a year in an economy that’s a bit less expensive than the US, in superficial stats, but there’s a lot not seen. People here have about one quarter the buying power of people in the States in equivalent jobs, and the possibliity here of having it all taken out from under you…ten times higher. The possibility of getting it back…depends. Minimum slap in the face here is neighborhood of 450 euros, give or take, for a month of full-time work…forty hours. It’s hard to get a job, easy to get fired and hard to fire people who are not doing their jobs…don’t ask me how, that’s just the way it is. Socialism worked…it’s goal is redistibution of “wealth”. They did it. Everyone whose family had worked and had something, lost it during Soviet times. And, in general, those who didn’t deserve it, were lifted up into positions of power. The dynamic is amazing and annoying.

    They claim a dream-team wrote their constitution, but if you were to read it, you’d think it was written by children. Even the most educated and economically mobile here don’t have a clue what the real purpose of a constitution is, other than a symbol of “independence”. None have really read it. They see it talks about RIGHTS….read it, that right can be taken away by legislation TOMORROW. But the liberals sing out lies and the crowd cheers, because it is de facto “law” that you think positively. You know when you are not in a good situation, when, in order to survive, you have to train yourself to think positively. And they have special employees in certain state institutions that teach people that skill.

    Here’s the point: it sucks (forgive my candor)–socialism/post-socialism, and we need to stress this to everyone. But you can’t come right out and say that. They won’t buy it. Socialists are masters of manipulation, and they love smooth talkers in these situations. This is why I love Trump the most…I tell them why he is, and SHOULD BE, a buffoon (with the greatest respect and gratitude), because he’s fighting for the people against people who are fighting against the people and takng money from them in order to fight those same people. We are paying people to fight against us, and he is fighting for us. That is logical.

    Finally, AFTER ALL of this time here, I’ve figured something out. You always have to be prepared for work. I get in discussions to try to organize and you can’t. Main reason? You motivate people to the moon.. and ten minutes later, they’re talking themselves out of it, because they see “the other side”. Look, there is no other side. Ayers, in that Megyn Kelly interview…you’ve seen him…he can justify anything. We hate him for it. We should be jealous of that facility. These are sophists. We need to get to the point where we can use logic and emotion to get the action we need. Here’s what I do here. I get my action out there, and wait for the debates. when they come, I take note of all objections. Learn from them. Then hone my arguments. Because they think that EVERYTHING must be democratic, you have to operate from that standpoint a little.

    Most people’s arguments will be in a few categories, and most have never been thought out; if they have, they’re not based on a real logic that coincides with something that’s sustainable..which is a word that the left has taught me to hate…but in this context, it’s the fact that free markets are sustainable, and can die naturally, if they have to. Subsidized, regulated markets…bla bla bla. You get it, you’re smart people.

    Ayers mourns for the people that are being killed–and wants us to do that too…6,000 a week, it’s horrible, I do mourn…but, as I’ve said before, and it must be framed this way:

    the US was not in Vietnam to fight the people.

    The US was there to fight the people who were lying to the people and were going to enslave the people AND DID ENSLAVE the people (at least ostensibly). And now we have the proof, and it’s too late. but if you go to Vietnam and talk to people who fought that war against the US, to a person they will say they know NOW…they were lied to…they were promised such a magnificent and egalitarian UTOPIA that never even came close to materializing and won’t.

    But it’s also..again.. too late. And it is. The people can fight with, at most, pitchforks. The ruling class don’t even see the other/little people…but they probably have them all tracked.

    Luckily, there’s usually only one or two mobile devices per family, and they’re pretty disciplined about that. Regardless, they’ll never work/fight their own way out of that situation. And Bill Ayers, Jane Fonda, and their ilk are to blame for it (and there’s no argument against that. That was the goal and Ayers, et al achieved it…the Vietnamese people are enchained in a life they don’t prefer). They (Ayers and company) literally fought against the actual people of Vietnam. They fought so that women would MANDATORILY enter the Vietnamese military and give themselves abortions, and more horrible stuff, because that has been part of the net effect.

    As you know these liberal ’causes’ are about installing regimes. What the ultimate purpose of the regimes are is even more insidious than you are imagining, and harder to fathom.

    And here’s a major difference between the Socialism in the Soviet Union and what they are doing in the USA. If you were to have taken the most privileged Soviet citizen of the time, and put that person in the harshest environment on earth and left them there for two weeks, you’d have come back to find a pile of bones and next to it the person, licking their fingers next to a crossbow that they made from a cactus or some derivative thereof. At the same time period, if you had taken an average…even slightly more accustomed to the elements…American and left them in that same environment, I’m not sure what you’d come back to. But it wouldn’t have been of the same level as the Soviet. Reasons…the Soviet Union valued, VERY HIGHLY, ingenuity, creativity, intelligence, learning/teaching, and the outdoor life, health, vigor…real health, not the fad go to the gym and do nothing useful kind…working out so you can work out better. The “socialism” that they are now launching in the US is not the same. It’s a doubling down on dumbing down. This is really meant to be real communism. Whereas the SU was run by communist ideologues, the US version will be absolute…to my mind. Particularly because when you look at it, with the surveillance state, it’s just way easier to maintain than it was in the Soviet Union where you were lucky if electronics worked everyday…and it was just impractical.

    It’s very practical and very doable now, and best of all…we’ll be footing the bill, in every way, eventually, if they aren’t checked. And so, anyway, they let those ideological communists out of the SU…the more money they had, the more ideological they were/are in, I would say, pretty much all cases. So, you don’t have the death of Russian communism. People don’t just “revert” to freedom, kindness, respect, and all that good stuff once the wall comes down. Complete the entire circle with the fact that the republic that exists now in the United States, is not the republic that any of us grew up in…these Russians in the USA still don’t know the real America. Read all you want, you’ll never know what it’s like without the experience. All you’ll know is what it feels like to read about it. And Eastern Europeans don’t have any sense of justice…what real justice is. You ask them “what should happen if someone hits you with a car?” They’ll say “You shouldn’t have been in the street,” regardless of the situation. If you get hit by a window falling out of a building, they’ll find a way that it was your fault. If your neighbor has more money than you, they will make more noise…and not by accident.

    So, now that we have some idea what’s coming, or could be coming, get the logical emotional arguments all set, and show good examples, delay the turning to the wrong side..at the least. We’re on the right side, but how do we show it? Figure it out based on the above, and look at how THEY do it. Look at SF…the prosecutor who will not prosecute crimes, in the name of reform. Somehow there’s support for that? Apparently, there’s something. It’s Bill Ayers adoptive son (of whom he is very proud), so does it figure? I’d argue that it’s harder to get people to fight for the right to defecate in the street than it is to fight for 6,000 lives a week. Somehow he can get that to look like reform (public defecation–let that sink in, if it hasn’t).

    Learn from that. We have to have a reform too. Can we find a reform “designation” that strikes emotional chords? Can we do it without it looking like it comes from the “alt-right”?

    It’s always easy for Democrats to argue their points, because they sound progressive. Meaning, they sound like they are moving things somehow “forward”. Republicans are the ones who say, “that’s how it works”, “becuz”. True enough, but not effective arguments for someone who was taught that plants have feelings, and that they are provided with cry closets if they have stress before an exam.

  2. No argument that the birth certificate presented is a fake. One has to wonder what they are covering up. Still, no matter if he were born on US soil, Obama is not a natural-born citizen. To be a natural-born citizen both parents have to be US citizens at the time of birth. Obama Sr. was not a US citizen, therefore, Obama can not be a natural-born citizen

  3. The Congressional Research Service works for Congress,…..and it was after Obama had been sworn-in as the putative president in 2009 that Pelosi and Reid asked the CRS to provide them with answers to constituents proving Obama was eligible. Since this was after Barry was sworn-in, the CRS had no choice except one which found Obama eligible…..it was too late for anything else. The CRS provided the first document and later several more trying to correct what was proven wrong in the previous ones. The sad thing is, The Obama Fraud worked and America was weakened in every way possible by the Globalist/Communist installation of the fraud Obama. Now we are fighting for survival as our last hope, President Trump, is under siege by all complicit in the crime which effectively gave America’s government and her military to the enemy. Hillary was not supposed to lose as the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover…..and certainly not to the “birther” Donald Trump…………………

  4. Thank you, Sharon and The P&E, for shining a beacon of light on Democriminals’ RELYING ON LYING and LAWFARE = LAWFEAR 08-28-08- TODAY.

    >Brian Schatz

    Here’s who Brian is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Schatz

    Here’s what Brian did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXFwqUi3zR0&feature=youtu.be

    Here’s what Brian and the State of Hawaii were supposed to do: https://elections.hawaii.gov/candidates/presidential/presidential-elections/

    QUESTIONS to The P&E and its readers:

    1. When will history reveal how Brain Schatz knew Obama was ineligible to run for presIDent and how Brian was influenced to abandon Hawaii’s own terms of eligibility, being, “A statement that each candidate is legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution.”?

    2. Why did The State of Hawaii betray its own residents and its own mandates for legally qualifying presIDential candIDates in 2008 when it accepted the Democratic Party’s presIDential qualifications over the state’s Constitutional qualifications?