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January 17, 2020

Photo: Pexels, Pixabay, License

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

During the 2016 campaign, candidate Trump’s rallies included his promise to “Drain the Swamp,” and his audiences responded by chanting loudly and in unison.  He also voiced his displeasure with taxpayer dollars often being wasted (when not outright stolen) under the guise of “foreign aid.”   As president, he has fulfilled many of his campaign promises from tax cuts, to the revival of the economy, to the negotiation of better trade deals, and generally “putting America first.”  But every one of those promises required “change from business as usual” within the federal establishment, where every program is like a private “honey pot” and the hive-tenders/keepers don’t welcome change – especially when they have always been able to “wait out” any newly-elected “reformer.”  The hive-tenders KNOW how things “work,” and their “inside knowledge” is unknowable arcana to strangers from the outside.  Such is the environment of the Swamp-Dwelling hive-tender.

Politicians who play along are often rewarded by the swamp-dweller tenders.  And from modest federal salaries while in office, the pols often become multi-millionaires by the time they retire – often tens of millions – on those modest, public salaries.  In turn, these pols protect the swamp-tenders so as not to stop the publicly-funded gravy train.  From the outside, Trump saw this and promised to drain the swamp and expose its denizens.

With this in mind, let’s look at the “major issue” in the bogus “impeachment” witch hunt – Trump’s effort to limit the corruption in US foreign aid to the Ukraine.  To get this, a little more history is needed.

For 70 years the Ukraine was incorporated into the Evil Empire that was the Soviet Union.  Moscow ruled Kiev and all Ukraine’s iron and coal deposits in the Donbas and rich farmland that made it the breadbasket of Europe in earlier times.  And Ukraine had a coveted “warmwater” port on the Crimean Black Sea.  The Ukraine’s citizens didn’t like it but knew better than to complain too loudly about the bosses in Moscow.  When the Soviet Union collapsed, the only folks who knew how things were done were the communist apparatchiks, most of whom learned their skills in their own, totally corrupt Soviet “swamp.”  The apparatchiks knew that the “bosses” had to be pleased and favors were to be dispensed as well as wealth.

Enter the Obama administration and the appointment of Vice President Biden to be “point man” on foreign aid to Ukraine.  Billions were allotted to supposedly rebuild Ukraine’s ability to resist more Russian incursions and outright theft of territory – such as the above-mentioned coveted warmwater port!  Some of the billions were earmarked to strengthen the Ukraine’s economy, and the Ukraine’s natural gas deposits which could supply Western Europe’s needs were a promising target.  So, in customary apparatchik fashion, some of the US foreign aid money being showered on the Ukraine would be kicked back for the failed son of the American money boss (VP Biden) whose son needed a well-paying job.  See?  American dough comes into the Ukraine through the front door and some of it goes out the back door from a Ukraine bank in a kickback to the donor – just like in the old Soviet days.

Now, when Trump asks the Ukraine President to clean up the corruption on the use of foreign aid pouring in from American taxpayers, Trump must let his Ukrainian counterpart know that cleaning out the stable means exposing any dirt left by Americans as well, even if it reaches to the highest levels!  Trump isn’t on the take or the make – Obama’s point man was (is).  Everybody got rich; nobody in Ukraine got hurt because it was all American taxpayer money to begin with!  And, if the point man was pleased, there would likely be more of it.

Photo: Wikipedia, public domain

Unfortunately for Biden, one of the corruption investigators in the Ukraine got too close to the natural gas honeypot staked out by Obama’s point man for a neat, well-paying, do-nothing job for his son, Hunter Biden, and Dad called the Ukraine and demanded the investigator be fired – or the flow of cash would be stopped!  Biden would see to it, and he was so proud of his “tough action” that he openly bragged about it on camera, claiming something to the effect that, “…I told them that I was leaving in six hours, and that if that guy wasn’t fired before I leave in six hours, the foreign aid stops!…”  Wow, tough-guy talk!  So the guy was fired.  The gravy train wasn’t to be stopped.

Now, in light of this, how could Obama’s successor NOT reassure the Ukrainian President that cleaning the stable meant exposing dirt on any Americans who were involved, too… And to leave no doubt that Trump meant even those with connections to the White House!  In short, exposing any American corruption is not off-limits.

None of the above dots should be hard to connect.  But our media doesn’t seem to want to try to do so — even though all the bits and pieces (AKA, facts!) are out there — because doing so would be inconsistent with the prog-lib “message” that “Orange Man bad!”

Old Frank

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