Witnessing the Constitution Being Flushed (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2020

(Jan. 17, 2020) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ where if you hear it here you don’t have to hear it anywhere else. Today we’re broadcasting from one of our veteran organizations, and with me is the commander of this group, Fred Frederick. How goes it, Fred? Or maybe I should say, ‘Commander?’”

“Well, here at the post, while in uniform, I go by ‘Commander.’”

“’Commander’ it is, then. Your email stated that you had an announcement, so what gives?”

“I have been nominated as the unofficial designated spokesman for many of the veteran groups, patriotic groups and people who support the Constitution to say that the Democrats have crossed the line and we’re not going to sit back and let our country slide into what the Deep State has in store for us.

“Let me say that Chief Justice Roberts in charge of the impeachment is a joke, just as he is. We have no support for traitors because it was he who approved Obamacare, the first major win for Socialism in the USA.

“Secondly, I want to make it absolutely clear that if you back anything into a corner, with no escape, they’ll fight back. Well, guess what? The Russian Collusion was a lie, as was the Ukrainian Quid Pro Quo, and as is every lie Pelosi, Schiff and all the other Second Amendment-haters have tried to shove down our throats.

“And make no mistake about it: once we’re stripped of our Second Amendment rights, that will be the end of America while the bad guys will still have the illegal firearms they had before.

“This is what history has taught us: if a person with ill intent wished to do an undefended person harm, he will do so. When the citizens of Venezuela were stripped of the means to protect themselves, the bad guys went in to people’s homes and stole and raped and even murdered with impunity, and it came to pass that the police became feared and hated as much as the roving gangs.

“This is the price of non-consideration for the future; of bad or no planning; of hiding from reality: abolishing the draft was a mistake, as was the moratorium of hiring ex-military for law enforcement. At some time we have to pay the price for stupidity, and that time is now.

“The only law we abide by is the Constitution, and no politician or court can abolish the Second Amendment, for without the Second, we can’t protect any of the others. Without the Second Amendment we won’t be able to protect ourselves from the Democrats,* because if they gain control we’ll be one step away from Totalitarianism, administered through ‘religious police’** or armed goons like in Venezuela or WWII NAZI Germany with their Gestapo thugs.

“Getting rid of the Second Amendment will leave the doors open for the Deep State to gain control, President Trump or no President Trump. It will be the end of the country, but we’re not going to let that happen for the simple truth that we have RIGHT on our side, and I won’t say another word for possibly being misconstrued.”

“What do you mean by saying, ‘misconstrued?’”

“I mean to say I’m not making a threat, and that’s all I’ll say. I made myself clear and this interview is over. Thank you, Roving, for giving me the opportunity to spread the word.”

“Glad to be of service, Commander. Well, you heard it here: if our government is either unwilling or unable to protect itself from Pelosi and her horde of anti-Americans, we’ll do it ourselves. Anyway, that’s the message. And so, on behalf of the crew and the Commander, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Hey, Commander, burger time: my treat.”

[*Democrats: it’s not the party of JFK any more, is it?]

[**religious police: judge, jury and executioner, all in one. If they suspect a person of being LGBT, they can, and do, push them off tall buildings or hang them from a crane or streetlight. This is what the Democratic Party stands for.]

I Wanna Be In The Cavalry”  (3:15)


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