January 12, 2020

Is “Mother Nature” predictable?  (Photo: Sharon Rondeau)

Dear Editor,

Strewth, here we go again! All the “Glazed-over” Greenies and their Hollywood-type “glitterati gladiator” fellow travellers are getting all aggravated over Australia’s bushfires as if they’ve got gumnuts in their undies again! I reckon global warming is, in all probability; a combination of a tiny bit man-made and by far, mostly  – good old Mother Nature’s cycles.

Australia’s hottest days recorded were in the mid-1800s. Why aren’t we now 50% hotter? Hurricane Katrina when hitting New Orleans was not as severe as the worst cyclone about a century earlier. Why was Hurricane Katrina not 25% to 50% worse, as there were great headlines about how the hurricane season at the time of Hurricane Katrina equalled the worst season 70 years earlier? Only equalled? So why wasn’t Katrina 25% to 50% worse if man is doing so much harm with double the then-CO2 in the atmosphere?

Australia per head of population may produce more greenhouse gases than many other parts of the world – particularly the most populated like China or India. However, that’s like asking who “popped” and made a “really bad smell” in the bath – when you’re only living five kilometers downwind from a major sewerage plant! China is firing up 3,000 to 6,000 coal-burning generators over the next five years! And India? She will continue to go coal and nuclear! The reality is, we all know there are too many people in the world, and dear old Mother Nature’s going to strike the right balance again, just as she did in the tight terms of the Great Plagues, Great Fires and Great Wars! You cannot thwart any woman forever!

By the way, saw Al Gore in his “An Inconvenient Truth”! Anybody can make anything out of statistics! And, going by Gore’s then- political “flip-flops,” he’s likely to be the Abominable Snowman one moment and the Great Hot Wind Genie of the Sahara the next. Anyway, next time Mt St Helens, Mt Etna or Mexico City’s sleeping woman erupts, what’s Big Al going to do?  Stand up on the edge of the volcano crater with the Australian Greens’ Ricard Di Natali and Adam Bandt berating one of Mother Nature’s worst atmospheric polluters contradicting their man-made global warming propaganda?


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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