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January 6, 2020

Photo: clarbner, Pixabay, license

Dear Editor,

Our CFA volunteer eldest granddaughter will soon be joining her CFA volunteer bushfire fighting man (who has already done one “Tour of Duty” fighting fires in NSW) at the fire front!

So I’m cheesed off with the likes of movie-mega-millionaires “Carbon” Cate Blanchett (who bought a low-lying Pacific island, despite climate change activists’ doomsday predictions of rising sea levels!) and foul-tempered, Russell “telephone-tosser” Crowe shooting their “glitterati gladiator” (and “Greta groupie”?) mouths off regarding switching to — impoverishing older and working-family Australians with unaffordable power bills! — renewable energies to save the planet (and indirectly criticizing the Australian Government’s energy policies)!

Blanchett and Crowe are simply “masters of make-believe”: actors, out of Hollywood – believing the “science is settled” when tens of thousands of genuine, scientific minds dispute the degree (if any) effect of human-induced man-made global warming!

Russell Crowe, eleven years ago, just after Black Saturday, my dear – cow cocky’s daughter – wife stood (whilst holding her grandparents’ great, great toddler granddaughter) in Victoria’s Coldstream – shellshocked, surveying the smoking ruins in the wonderful old – not real flash like yours, Crowe! – farmhouse, outbuildings and nearly-century-old trees lining the five generations trodden on – drive!

So I say to Crowe and Blanchett:  bugger-off back to Hollywood!  Perhaps you both could make a film about the real culprits, the Greens and their, ilk, who ignore the time-proven fire control/prevention of Aboriginal Australians?


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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