The “Spirit” of Christmas 2019


December 24, 2019

Image source: The White House

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Merry Christmas.  Let’s celebrate this wonderful day and the joyous season that is supposed to bring us together as best we can.

In my heart, I wish this year’s holiday season could be as unifying and warm as in the past.  But, unfortunately, something is different about this year.  A cabal of leftist elites insists that we Americans should be, at the very least, distrustful of one another, if not at each others’ throats.

These “elites” who control nearly all our media and whose “personalities” as athletes, or thespians, or ex-office-holders self-entitle them to have us believe that the president is the cause of discord and disunity and that those of us who support or defend him are aiding and abetting the discord.  Of course, actual truth can be found — but one must search for it in the right places — whereas the elites’ message is ubiquitous, constant, and nearly overwhelming.

The truth is that President Trump’s greatest “sin” is that he is doing the things that he promised to do in his campaign for office.  He promised to improve the economy and make jobs:  “Impossible!” shouted the  elites – and the Dow just passed 20,000 for the first time ever!  Check your 401K.  And, unemployment in all categories and subcategories is at an all-time low.  And, on top of that, lower-paying jobs are getting the biggest raises!  So, since “Impossible” didn’t age well, the leftist elites tell us that Trump didn’t do this; rather, it was all set up by Obama before he left office and Trump just lucked into it.  We are informed that the turn-around was just on the cusp when Trump took over.   Sadly, some among us may actually believe such nonsense.

Trump promised better trade deals with all of our partners and competitors.  “Impossible!  Any fool knows that messing with trade deals and tariffs will only bring inflation and ruination and maybe even the “hives!”  Well, NAFTA is gone and we got a better deal.  China is moving in the right direction, and so are all of the other “deals.”

Trump promised that lowering corporate tax rates – to make ours more competitive with those of other countries – would bring back industries – and even manufacturing jobs.  Impossible!, according to our “elites” who simply know so much more than you or I, or Trump.  Well, the plants are back and open again and jobs are going unfilled because there aren’t enough qualified employees to fill them.

Oh, but Trump has “rough edges” and he “tweets” and he doesn’t comport himself as nicely as some might wish.  Wow!  Just imagine, we might have a leader who talks our language and makes things plain enough for anyone to understand!  Can’t have that.  Obfuscation and prettification of leftist nonsense tripe are so much more… ahem… “presidential.’”

Oh, and as a younger man, Trump may have actually liked attractive women, and might have engaged in a bit of locker-room talk on occasion.  Whoa!  How awful!  Don’t ever go near a barracks or an actual locker room, or you might be overcome!

As a grunt in 1956, I learned some new words and heard some stuff I’d never thought possible.  Later, in more refined company as an officer, I heard less of barracks talk, but still witnessed some of my fellows who, shall we say, “were not living up to Christian ideals…”  But, these were all good men, some of them even great men.  They were all ready and willing to put their lives on the line for their country.  And, we had chaplains and we had Sunday morning services – even in ’Nam.

I’ll take Trump any day.  He is a man.  He does what he says he will, and he doesn’t pretend that he is perfect.  His instincts are correct, and he correctly ignores “experts” whose policies have put America second, third or worse over the years.  Of course, his correct instincts and success prove the “experts” wrong and make the swamp apoplectic.  And for that I, for one, am grateful and it makes my Christmas better knowing that America First is once again our tag-line.

Old Frank

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